Connecting mobile users easily through secure 5G laptops.

Connecting mobile users easily through secure 5G laptops.

Smarter technology with benefits for all powered by America’s most awarded 5G network.

Get online with 5G laptop data plans.

Today, most of us need to be connected to the internet securely and quickly, no matter where we work. With 5G data plans on the reliable T-Mobile 5G network, 5G laptops can maintain a continuous, secure, and high-speed connection wherever you are, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi or hotspots, reducing connectivity downtime.

Why would someone use a 5G laptop?

  • Continuous connection.

    T-Mobile’s 5G wireless network helps your 5G laptop browse the web with virtually no lag time. Connect from anywhere faster than ever before.

  • On the go security.

    Take a 5G laptop virtually anywhere with confidence your data is secure.

  • A 5G laptop is so easily portable.

    No more searching for Wi-Fi hotspots. 5G is so easily portable, you'll take it everywhere –with 5G connectivity throughout the country.

  • Seamless collaboration to maximize efficiency.

    With consistent connectivity during transitions on and off campus, a 5G laptop helps you to work with your colleagues regardless of your location.

The T-Mobile 5G network, together with technology leaders, delivers smarter solutions that solve business connectivity challenges to help employees and organizations thrive.

Woman in car typing on laptop

Hybrid/remote workforce.

Work from home or community workspaces when not at the office with a 5G laptop. Dedicated bandwidth and constant connectivity can be crucial to ensure productivity.

Woman in train looking at laptop

Road warriors and mobile travelers.

Spend their days in the field, hotels, or zigzagging between the office and customer sites. Often work on commuter trains, airports, and other public spaces.

Man in yellow hard hat looks at laptop

Field technicians.

Perform on-site operations in locations with limited or no Wi-Fi with a 5G laptop. Require efficient and well-coordinated operations to maintain profitability and competitiveness.

Hand holding tablet

Frontline workers.

Geographical remoteness and non-desk environments are typical for frontline workers. Productivity is dependent on device portability and connectivity.

Make a profound business impact with T-Mobile’s 5G network and embedded laptop with 5G technology.

Managing an increasingly fragmented IT vendor ecosystem is exceptionally challenging. T-Mobile’s 5G network helps to remove complexity, lighten the IT load, and increase security and productivity while cutting costs.

Man looking at phone while laptop is open

Enhance security and productivity.

Bypass untrusted networks and Wi-Fi spoofing, reduce cyberattacks that target remote workers, and remove outside potential to access private networks.

Woman instructing a class

Enterprise IT management.

Reduce costs associated with data breaches and utilize the latest business applications that require low latency and faster speeds.

Man leaning against couch talking to laptop

Employee satisfaction.

Eliminate the need to find Wi-Fi or a hotspot that drains your phone and attract the best talent with tech advancements that support employee success with a 5G laptop.

Business and government laptop rate plans.

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