Drive up productivity with SyncUP FLEET™.

Help track vehicles, enhance fuel efficiency, and improve route optimization. All with SyncUP FLEET. Learn how to set up and use your system—and our HOS application.

Set up and get started.

Add a driver

See how to create user accounts, set driver access, and manage other settings.

Add a vehicle

View how to add vehicles into your system after installing your devices.

Add a trailer

Learn how to add a trailer and group a trailer.

Add a user

See how to add users to your system so they can view the vehicles and data, and receive emails generated by your system.

Add a zone

Learn how to add virtual locations that are of interest to you and your fleet.

Set systems and vehicle settings

See how to add your company’s information, enter vehicle information, and set hours of service.

Create a group

See how to ensure vehicles, rules, zones, and users are virtually grouped together for reporting and viewing.

Set rules

See how to set up default rules to monitor your fleet's driving and behavior.

View map options

Learn how to change your map view to make it easier to find and view your vehicles and data.

Enable driver feedback

View how to send safety and compliance alerts to your drivers.

Set up email notifications

See how to enable email notifications to ensure the proper users are notified when vehicles break certain rules.

Monitor and manage.

Change map view

Learn how to use additional map settings to make it easier to find and view your vehicles and data.

Edit user options

See how to change your personal user options, including units of measure, date/time settings, and map preferences.

Edit a zone

View how to modify your zones to ensure they are the right size, color, and type.

View trip history

See how you can view your vehicle’s movement history, including data such as speed and location.

View speed profile

Learn how to view a vehicle’s speed relative to the speed limit once a driver has completed a trip.

Locate a vehicle

Learn how to locate your vehicles and understand the map view.

Add and edit driver logs

View how to add and make edits to logs—and edit multiple ones simultaneously.

Manage unassigned logs

Find out how to view unassigned logs, reassign a driver, assign multiple logs, and reassign incorrect logs.

View duty status logs

Find out how to view log options and report details.

View HOS availability reports

Learn how to access and sort HOS availability reports.

Review and edit DVIR reports

See how to review, filter, and edit driver vehicle inspection reports.

View HOS violations reports

Learn how to access and sort HOS violations reports by driver and violations category.

Learn more about the Hours of Service (HOS) app.

A comprehensive guide to assist drivers and administrators with HOS app setup and deployment.

View PDF

A guide to using the HOS app as a compliance tool.

View PDF

An implementation checklist for drivers and administrators.

View PDF

A reference guide to help drivers and administrators understand diagnostic codes and remedy malfunctions.

View PDF

A driver's guide to troubleshooting SyncUP FLEET and HOS app issues.

View PDF

A guide to assist iOS users with HOS app issues.

View PDF

A guide to assist Android users with HOS app issues.

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