T-Mobile salutes veteran-owned small businesses.

While November 11th is observed annually as Veterans Day in the United States, T-Mobile strives to show appreciation every day to our country’s veterans. The selfless determination, courage, and commitment veterans have demonstrated lays the foundation for America to succeed.

As some military service members may choose a lifelong career of service, many veterans journey to the private sector and leverage their skills to establish and run a small business. For these veterans many resources are available to help address the challenges associated with starting and nurturing their small business. 

Attorney and Air Force veteran Dale Bennett, who owns Dale E. Bennett Law, knows all about the challenges and opportunities of starting and running a small business. While Bennett’s practice now focuses on Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, Social Security Disability, Aviation Accident Law, and Veteran's Disability, Bennett acknowledges it’s been an evolution and journey to get the firm to where it is today.

Following his military career of five years in the Air Force, Bennett worked in the corporate world before deciding to attend law school. His veteran status allowed him to take advantage of the G.I. Bill. “I was really fortunate that my military service funded my law education and was able to finish law school nearly debt free,” says Bennett. The law school funding serves as an example of how a helpful resource enabled him to eventually embark on his successful small-business journey.

A veteran business leader in every sense.

After law school and prior to starting his law firm, Bennett’s private sector journey first took him down the more corporate, traditional law-firm path. However, Bennett says, “I decided to go out on my own as I realized more and more that the skills I learned and demonstrated in the military translated well in starting my own small business.” 

Bennett says, “There are so many skills you learn in the military that can help you later in life.” He further explains that even though military life is known for demanding physical tests, it’s the mental rigor that prepares many veterans for business, especially entrepreneurship. Adds Bennett, “Leadership and training are key for anyone in the military as you are constantly being tested, all of which served me well when I started my law practice. And, as a military officer, I gained the confidence necessary to strike out on my own.”

Strength of character meets strength of network.

In addition to being an Air Force veteran, Bennett is a veteran T-Mobile customer of almost 20 years.

As an experienced attorney used to meeting clients in different locations, Bennett knows how important reliable mobile connectivity is to ongoing productivity. It’s a big reason why he has relied on the T-Mobile network since 2001. “The discounts T-Mobile offers to veteran-owned businesses today are a great bargain,” says Bennett. In fact, the Go5G Military Business plan can be a cost savings game-changer for both veterans and active duty military, as well as their families.

Like so many other small businesses, having access to a reliable mobile network, devices, and solutions is crucial for Bennett’s firm in the wake of COVID-19. T-Mobile for Business has enabled Bennett to stay connected with his clients even more than before. Bennett stressed that his business relies on the T-Mobile network and its secure connection, saying, “I use my T-Mobile line for virtual conference calls with other attorneys, especially during these Covid-19 times. I’ve even conducted an entire Social Security Disability hearing alongside my client’s hospital bed via my phone and the judge at the Social Security Office.”

While adhering to social distancing mandates, Bennett still visits the T-Mobile store near his office. “I’ve gone into the retail store four or five times since COVID-19 just to check out new offerings and devices and talk to knowledgeable reps in a pleasant, safe environment,” says Bennett. And, while he prefers face-to-face meetings with his clients whenever possible, Bennett confirms that knowing he can interact with clients over the phone, via text, or mobile virtual meetings helps him move his firm forward.

In the same way Bennett is committed to serving his clients, T-Mobile for Business is committed to making the best plans available to veteran small-business owners, helping them grow their business and realize their entrepreneurial dream.

To learn more about military discounts for veterans, check out Go5G Military Business.

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