Fixed Wireless: Internet access meets the needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

SMBs today need robust, reliable internet service, but may not need gigabit speeds or unlimited data to support key business use cases.

How much broadband speed do you think your company needs to satisfy its business requirements?

Percentage of respondents.

Bar chart depicting internet speeds of small businesses

SMBs use broadband for basic business connectivity.

Small and medium-sized businesses today rely on broadband to keep connected to customers and keep employees productive. While many internet service providers are promoting gigabit speeds with high monthly prices, most business functions don’t require that much bandwidth. The most common internet business use cases—email, web browsing, and even video calling—only consume about 1Mbps.

Business decision makers are aware of this requirement, with 58% saying that speeds of 100Mbps or less would be adequate for their business needs; 32% of SMBs say that they need more than 100Mbps, but still less than 1Gbps to support their business connectivity.

As SMBs face a challenging economic climate, cost cutting is becoming a more important priority. High-priced internet plans may not be the best fit as business decision makers look for the most cost-effective solutions across their business.

Internet plans that allow a business to pay for only what it needs can offer a solution that not only supports all of its business requirements, but also saves the business money every month. Fixed wireless internet access (FWA) services offer unlimited data plans, as well

On LTE networks, fixed wireless internet access provides speeds of 50Mbps or more, and 5G networks offer speeds of 100Mbps up to 1Gbps, depending on the available network.

58% of SMBs say they need 100Mbps or less.

percentage graph 58%

Nearly 90% of SMBs say they need less than 1Gbps.

percentage graph 90%

Robust connectivity for employees.

FWA services also include customer premise equipment that can support numerous devices and employees. Routers integrate Wi-Fi 6 technology, allowing the business to connect 50 or more devices simultaneously.

Employees can stay connected along with point-of-sale terminals, digital signage, and other business critical devices and services. As the business grows and its needs evolve, the network and router can transition to support more advanced digital services, providing a future-proof scenario for growth.

FWA can meet business users’ needs.

FWA services are adequate to meet the needs of most small and medium-sized businesses. Even on LTE networks, FWA provides speeds of 50Mbps or more, and 5G networks up the ante with speeds of 100Mbps up to 1Gbps depending on the available network. As FWA providers deploy more spectrum and standalone 5G networks, availability of higher speeds will also become more widespread. With fixed wireless internet access, SMBs have new options available to enhance their business connectivity and potentially cut costs at the same time.

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