Want a competitive analysis of your network?

Here’s one with no strings attached.

Take the Network Challenge.

Can your network handle bold business moves? Ours can. Try us and find out. See which of our two trial options is right for your business or organization.

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Network Pass.

Ideal for individuals and small businesses looking to test our network on one device.

Non-T-Mobile customers only; 1 trial per user. Compatible device req'd. 5G device req'd to access 5G network.
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Network 360.

A fully managed network trial designed for enterprises and organizations with more than 100 corporate-owned devices.

Form required with qualified lead (seller driven), no guarantee of quantity or timing.

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We keep it simple.

Network Pass makes it easy to try our network on your current phone. Just download the T-Mobile app, go to Network Pass, and you're on your way to experiencing unlimited data free for 90 days.

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Customized for your needs.

With Network 360, we'll create a unique trial experience for your enterprise. Unlimited talk, text, and data, plus mobile broadband and Business Internet so you can do business how you want, virtually anywhere.

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A network you can count on.

For those in the public sector, we offer peace of mind with dedicated support. We’ll help get your trial up and running without interrupting vital operations.

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5G Advanced Network Solutions.

Convert the latest technologies into real-world business outcomes with our comprehensive portfolio of 5G-powered solutions and applications.

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Exceptional service starts here.

Seamless Switch offers an unmatched level of service and specialized onboarding assistance to help you get the connectivity your business needs.

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