Keep your operations connected from the first mile to the last.

AAA is reducing response times and getting people out of harm’s way faster with the help of the nation’s largest and fastest 5G network. Ready to join them?

Step into the future of intelligent transportation and logistics.

Connect seamlessly virtually anywhere you are or need to go—with reliable connectivity and best-in-class transportation and logistics management solutions to help you monitor and care for your employees, fleets, and cargo.

  • Revolutionize asset management and tracking.

    Ensure your vehicles, personnel, and inventory are in the right place at the right time with a network that delivers connectivity and reliability—from the biggest cities to the smallest towns.

  • Make every second count.

    Keep vehicles on the road, drivers in compliance, and products on the line with a network that enables full visibility into your logistics, empowering you to avoid errors and downtime before they strike.

  • Unite people and technology.

    From depots to vehicles to operators, the future of transportation and logistics will be driven by people and intelligent transport systems working in harmony to keep everything moving.

  • Paint a data-defined picture of your operations.

    Help increase productivity, lower costs, and reduce error with advanced, near real-time analytics and insights that provide a full view of your organization.

  • Empower your employees.

    Help your people perform at their best and learn on the go with near real-time logistics technologies, new software and automation solutions, and AR/VR training tools.

  • Priority access and preemption.

    We provide priority access and preemption on our nationwide network—at no cost—for all agencies approved for Department of Homeland Security Wireless Priority Service.

Worker pushes a large box on a hand truck through a store aisle.

Ensure deliveries are where they need to be, when they need to be.

Get the innovative network, support, and 5G applications to help see what’s ahead, so you can adapt in real time.

Worker in hard hat wears VR glasses at night and talks into a walkie talkie

Optimize your labor force with AR.

Giving employees hands-on experience and real training in a safe, virtual environment can accelerate productivity and increase efficiency. T-Mobile has the 5G network and unconventional thinking to fuel the new era of intelligent transport systems and logistics.

Advanced Industry Solutions for intelligent transportation.

Truck with a magenta signal emitting from the top.

Fleet management.

Fleet management provides access to real-time visibility into your mixed fleet with transportation technologies like GPS tracking, video and safety management, OEM integration, and real-time odometer tracking.

Two location pins with dotted lines joining them together.

Asset and inventory tracking.

This transportation management solution set lets you track a variety of items, including powered assets like forklifts and trailers, as well as high-value and fragile shipments.

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Safety and security.

Provide safer working conditions with intelligent transport system tools that can detect hazardous work environments and threats to both distribution center workers and transportation drivers, lowering your exposure to liability.

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Operational efficiencies.

Deploy logistic technologies to optimize your operations by monitoring conditions and worker flows and predicting machinery maintenance requirements.

Let’s talk about how transportation is evolving.
Map of US covered with magenta lines to indicate extensive highway coverage. Map of US covered with magenta lines to indicate extensive highway coverage. Map of US covered with magenta lines to indicate extensive highway coverage. Map of US covered with magenta lines to indicate extensive highway coverage.

We cover 98% of Interstate highway miles—more than anyone else.

Almost anywhere your team hits the road, get 5G you can count on coast to coast. Enjoy coverage that spans thousands of miles across America.

IoT benefits

Manage, locate, and monitor your fleet better with T-Mobile IoT.

Office worker and construction worker consult over blueprints.

How business leaders can speed up IoT deployments.

Creating manageable, large-scale IoT deployments is a complex process. One way to simplify it is to evaluate integrated IoT offerings from mobile network operators, the best of which will package frequency band options (including 5G), software vendor partnerships, account and contract streamlining, and a full slate of IoT lifecycle support services.

A container ship carries multi-colored containers across a channel.

T-Mobile Control Center, IoT.

Our Control Center is one of today’s most innovative and dynamic IoT management platforms, delivering the scale, flexibility, and speed to market that enables enterprises and their customers to compete in today’s rapidly growing marketplace. Its portal and APIs allow you to deploy, manage, and monetize your IoT solutions.


Revolutionize the way you work with secure network technologies.

Solutions that are digitally transforming logistics companies.

5G is revolutionizing supply chains and creating the opportunity to improve control, speed, reliability, and capacity.

Smiling man uses a tablet while standing in front of two semi-trucks. Smiling man uses a tablet while standing in front of two semi-trucks. Smiling man uses a tablet while standing in front of two semi-trucks. Smiling man uses a tablet while standing in front of two semi-trucks.


Transforming your organization with advanced logistics technologies.

Semi-truck travels on a highway at sunset.

Using Telematics Solutions to Optimize Your Existing Vehicle Fleet.

Scaling fleet operations and identifying extra capacity doesn’t have to mean adding more vehicles. See how telematics can help you find hidden capacity within your existing fleet by uncovering new opportunities and optimizing your current assets, while saving on operational costs at the same time.

Worker in safety vest leans on warehouse boxes while looking at tablet and talking on smartphone

Moving your transportation and logistics organization through the digital maturity curve.

T&L companies are increasingly moving towards operational resilience in the aftermath of the global pandemic. Here’s a viewpoint on how and why they are using intelligent transport systems tools—such as 5G connectivity, machine learning (ML), private networks, etc.—to improve business operations and logistics performance.

Robotic arm grips a box on a warehouse shelf.

How robotics and automation are transforming the warehouse operations landscape.

Warehouses aim to keep their operations running with optimal speed, agility, and resilience, but talent shortage, order complexity, and various other factors can hinder their efforts. Learn how advanced technology like automation in logistics and robotics in warehousing can help optimize operations.


Digital transformation propels new technologies in the transportation and logistics industry.

An employee uses a connected device to take inventory in a futuristic smart warehouse.

Eliminate supply chain constraints with innovative wireless technology.

Find out how technology innovations such as private 5G networks, multi-access edge compute (MEC), fixed wireless, and IoT connectivity are helping transportation companies solve supply chain challenges and improve business operations.

Drone view of port with multiple cranes and multi-colored shipping containers

Drones—the key to building and maintaining America’s infrastructure?

Connected drones powered by a reliable 5G network can help accelerate complex tasks, save time and money, and enhance safety and visibility throughout a project. Learn more about how drones and 5G are set to transform the way businesses operate.

A large tractor trailer rolls down an open highway at dusk.

Moving forward on fleet vehicle electrification.

From lowered operating costs to optimized daily vehicle use, electrified fleets deliver many operational advantages. See how we can help you transition to electrification and why leading organizations have already made the switch.

IDC Briefs

Market intelligence.

The role for 5G in intelligent transportation and logistics.

New technology is the number one driver of change in the supply chain. See how advances such as 5G are helping companies move faster and at greater scale than ever before.

Smiling man uses a tablet while standing in front of two semi-trucks. Smiling man uses a tablet while standing in front of two semi-trucks. Smiling man uses a tablet while standing in front of two semi-trucks. Smiling man uses a tablet while standing in front of two semi-trucks.

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