Connect retail operations with reliable, nationwide business internet.

Break free from the constraints of other providers with fast, flexible 5G internet for just $50/month. Set it up in 15 minutes and enjoy a network that can power your store, POS system, security system, and more.

Navigate the new era of retail with confidence.

Access a reliable 5G network and experts who understand the industry’s unique challenges.

  • Scale with ease based on your needs.

    You have the ability to start small and scale up as your organization is ready to deploy additional solutions.

  • Make informed decisions backed by data.

    Data can improve store layout, locations, customer engagement, and more. And our reliable network covers your entire retail footprint so you can collect all available information.

  • Deliver an omnichannel customer experience.

    Shopping has become a multi-faceted digital experience and we provide the connectivity required throughout the entire shopper journey.

  • Streamline your supply chain.

    We’ll partner with you to customize transformative solutions that will help you manage and streamline the entire supply chain and inventory at the enterprise retail level.

The 5G era of retail is here.

A server smiles as her customer uses a smartphone to complete a mobile payment at a café.

Realizing digital advantages in the storefront.

Find out how investing in network technology creates smarter storefronts, and the frictionless, personalized experience customers demand.

Several robots stock retail shelves.

Improving retail starts here.

Digital systems powered by 5G network coverage, speed, and capacity can give retailers a 360-degree view of their business so they can create more connected customer experiences, improve staff engagement, and reinvent sales models.

A mother and her young child shop for toys online on a tablet.

Optimize shopping experiences—online and in store.

T-Mobile delivers the network, support, and 5G innovations to ensure customers get what they want and your store gets the sales it needs.

Three people in VR headsets; one rotates a virtual chair in space.

Use virtual reality as a valuable training tool.

Virtual and Augmented Reality drive efficiencies by enabling onsite and remote employee training and shortened onboarding in a safe environment.

Overhead view of a heat mapped clothing store.

Gain valuable insights through activity heatmapping.

With activity heatmapping, you can capitalize on data insights to help improve ROI for brands in store and learn which areas are most productive for you.

Advanced Industry Solutions for retailers.

A laptop with a magenta Wi-Fi signal on screen.

Connectivity management.

T-Mobile can provide additional Business Internet coverage so that employees can provide a premium retail experience.

Two magenta location pins connected by a dotted line.

Asset and inventory tracking.

We can help retailers track products, from warehouse to store to final delivery to the customer.

A security shield with a check mark in the middle.

Safety and security.

Provide safer working conditions with tools that can detect threats and call security with a press of a button.

A truck emitting a magenta signal.

Fleet management.

Manage your delivery trucks and optimize routes to lower fuel costs and delivery times and increase the rate of packages delivered.

Let’s talk about how retail is evolving.

Bringing you insights and innovations across industries.

Retail perspectives.

Insights from an industry expert.

A florist works on his laptop while talking on the phone at his shop.

Managing IoT security in a rapidly digitizing age.

Automating in-store processes often involves complex integrations and multiple IoT devices. Industry expert Ryan Taylor explains how securing those devices can be challenging but attainable.

Closeup of a professional using a tablet. Various retail-themed icons extend outward in a hub-and-spoke fashion.

The customer journey experience in an omnichannel age.

Stores are no longer just places to shop for groceries or a last-minute birthday card. Learn how customer journeys have morphed into all-immersive experiences—and what it means for retailers.

Woman wears VR glasses

Today’s major retail industry trends: what you need to know.

Learn more about omnichannel engagement from retail expert Ryan Taylor. You can’t just sell the products consumers want any more. Now they expect shopping experiences that create memories.

Our network and solutions unite every facet of your retail business.

A customer uses the retailer’s app while shopping for shoes in-store.

Advanced Industry Solutions are transforming the retail landscape.

Leverage technology to make data driven decisions, create innovative customer experiences, and drive revenue in an ever-increasing e-commerce world.

Close-up of two hands shopping for groceries on a tablet.

Empowering decision-making through data.

Data can improve every touchpoint of your business. Whether you have one retail footprint or many, we provide a reliable network that eliminates blind spots when it comes to collecting information.

Close-up of two hands interacting with a data dashboard on a tablet.

Data-enabled optimization.

The new era of retail requires data and the right systems to use it. From optimizing revenue to customer profiling, we’ll help you build a foundation, access expertise, and understand your needs.

Retail industry insights.

A smiling grocery store employee with a tablet checks shelves in the beverage aisle.

How the retail industry can leverage the fixed wireless access opportunity.

Find out how retailers can use fixed wireless access to meet their operational needs while delivering cost, efficiency, and digital transformation benefits.

A customer pays for produce via mobile payment.

IDC Global Retail Operating Model Survey.

Learn where retailers are focusing innovation, including operations, marketing, automation, blending in‑store and online customer experiences, and more.

A woman shops for food at a refrigerator case in a grocery store

IDC Perspective: How to Grow In-Store Sustainability with Technology Solutions.

Sustainability has grown into a key priority for consumers and retailers. Download this IDC Perspective to learn how you can grow in-store sustainability with technology.

Teaming up to restore power during Hurricane Ian.

Find out how T-Mobile for Business’ collaboration enabled Tractor Supply Company to quickly restore connectivity to continue critical operations and service the community following Hurricane Ian.

A crystal Vendor in Partnership Challenge Award recognizing T-Mobile for Business as a Retail Innovation Leader. A crystal Vendor in Partnership Challenge Award recognizing T-Mobile for Business as a Retail Innovation Leader. A crystal Vendor in Partnership Challenge Award recognizing T-Mobile for Business as a Retail Innovation Leader. A crystal Vendor in Partnership Challenge Award recognizing T-Mobile for Business as a Retail Innovation Leader.

Let’s talk about how retail is evolving.