Connecting the new era of retail with a network.

From interactive in-store experiences to a full range of fulfillment options, a network that connects experiences is needed. With a reliable 5G network and experts who understand the retail industry, we can help you navigate the new era of retail and deliver the best solutions for your business.

Bringing you insights and innovations across industries.

Worker in clothing store smiles at camera while holding a tablet.

What to look out for in the next era of retail.

Roopi Crowley, Retail Industry Advisor at T-Mobile, details how integrating physical and digital experiences is key to success. Retailers need to fully rethink their retail space and reimagine their digital infrastructure with the right technology.

Worker inside grocery store holds a tablet while checking inventory on shelf.

Network connectivity: the foundation of grocery retailing’s future.

Ryan Taylor, Retail Industry Advisor at T-Mobile details why grocers need to embrace digital transformation to meet ever-evolving customer needs. With grocery ecommerce quadrupling in the last two years, network connectivity is crucial.

We are one of the leading network mobility providers.

Power fully interactive in-store experiences.

With America’s largest and fastest 5G network, we can help companies across the US navigate the evolving nature of retail. Our business solutions and expertise help address unique and diverse challenges—specifically in the retail industry.

Person in shoe store looks at inventory on phone. Person in shoe store looks at inventory on phone. Person in shoe store looks at inventory on phone.

Our network and solutions unite every facet of your retail business.

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Empowering decision-making through data.

Data can improve every touchpoint of your business. Whether you have one retail footprint or many, we can provide a reliable network to make sure there are no blind spots when it comes to collecting information.

Person scans a sofa in store with their phone to get more information on it.

Shifting to an omnichannel customer experience.

Retailers are now creating a digitally enhanced omnichannel and personalized experience for shoppers. We can help keep these experiences connected in the shopper journey—resulting in more sales and happier customers.

Employee in clothing store works on a tablet.

Managing and streamlining through automation.

To assess the supply chain and inventory at the enterprise retail level, it requires precision. As we automate and connect the process of getting goods into customers’ hands, retailers need a partner who can help.

Person holding tablet in hand looking at the dashboard Person holding tablet in hand looking at the dashboard Person holding tablet in hand looking at the dashboard

Data-enabled optimization.

As data becomes more accessible, the next era of retail involves building the right system to use it. From monitoring and optimizing revenue to using predictive analytics and customer profiling, we can help you establish the foundational network and tap into industry experts to help you understand your needs.

Coverage AND speed. That’s real 5G.

We cover more of the U.S. with 5G than anyone else. That’s over 90% of American’s covered by our Extended Range 5G. And now our Ultra Capacity 5G is bringing speeds as fast as WiFi to 165 million people.

5g coverage map 5g coverage map 5g coverage map

Creating smart guest experiences within the hospitality industry.

As the hospitality landscape shifts from face-to-face employee and guest interactions to more touchless engagement, we can help you stay ahead of the curve with our extensive knowledge, expansive network, and innovative solutions.

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