SEC and FINRA communication compliance for financial institutions.

We help brokerage and investment advisory businesses address a critical gap in electronic communication compliance – mobile devices and messaging.

Unlock 5G innovation in global mobility, connectivity, compliance, and security.

Tackle your unique challenges with experts and solutions aligned to your industry.

  • Scale employee mobility to fit return-to-business industry trends.

    Corporate-liable (CL) and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) 5G voice and data plans allow enterprise employees to conduct critical business anytime from nearly anywhere. Robust CL device options also reduce costs, simplify purchasing, and facilitate compliant communications.

  • Mitigate risk and avoid fines by securing critical data.

    Cope with cybersecurity risk by improving endpoint, cloud, and edge security with enterprise solutions such as SIM-based security, device applications, and 5G-powered advanced networks.

  • Adapt and transform connectivity for flexibility today and tomorrow.

    Quickly scale up or down according to your business needs with business-grade wireless internet options. Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) affords excellent failover capability and greater flexibility to help face the current banking environment.

  • Automate compliance without sacrificing customer responsiveness.

    Stay compliant when connecting with global clients and automate SEC and FINRA recordkeeping with app-based compliance solutions for CL and BYOD devices. Mitigate risk and streamline communication with voice capture, automatic redaction, and integration with popular international messaging applications.

Close the mobile device compliance gap.

A financial services professional gazes into the distance.

Stay ahead of electronic recordkeeping regulations.

Regulatory enforcement of electronic recordkeeping compliance is increasingly focused on text-based communication. Here's what SEC- and FINRA-regulated firms are doing about it.

A financial services professional checks her phone while walking through a city.

Securities firm reduces risk of fines.

Following high-profile fines for mobile app communication, a Tier 1 bank implements T-Mobile MultiLine.

Adapt to uncertainty with innovative technology.

Benefits for financial institutions.

A smartphone.


Enhance mobility with BYOD and CL plans, connected devices, global voice and data, and more.

A cell tower emits a signal.


Connect with options like fixed wireless for branch primary and failover internet, edge computing, or 5G Advanced Network Solutions.

Uploading to the cloud.


Simplify compliance with CL devices and plans, second lines for BYOD, recordkeeping, redaction and voice capture, and international messaging.

A closed lock.


Safeguard data with secure connectivity, device-based security, and SASE.

Meet the top tech and risk challenges faced by financial institutions today.

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Power a new era of financial services with 5G Advanced Network Solutions.

Leverage the power and capabilities of 5G with performance-based connectivity and compute solutions that unlock the full potential of new technologies like edge computing and AI.

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Automate SEC and FINRA compliance for electronic communications.

Trusted by leading financial institutions, our MultiLine solutions help close compliance gaps without compromising customer interaction.

A data warehouse.

Help protect devices and data for your global, mobile workforce.

With a secure 5G network, connected devices, and new partner solutions, global mobility no longer means sacrificing security.

Financial services perspectives.

Insights from an industry expert.

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Five critical regulatory developments in 2023.

Read about the top compliance challenges facing the financial services industry in 2023.

Close-up of two hands using a smartphone above a computer keyboard.

Electronic recordkeeping in the era of mobile devices.

Find out how compliance tools can offer peace of mind for regulated employees.

A modern urban skyline connected by robust wireless network infrastructure.

Fixed wireless access is essential to bank branch network flexibility.

Explore how fixed wireless access (FWA) offers banks network flexibility, convenience, and security to connect retail branches while minimizing costs.

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