Deliver on the connected vehicle opportunities of today, and tomorrow.

T-Mobile is America’s largest and fastest 5G network.

Building the foundation for seamless connectivity.

With seamless connectivity, you can deliver the connected experiences your customers already expect, while enabling the coming revolution in transportation.

Man uses tablet in the dark in the backseat of a vehicle. A virtual globe floats in the foreground.

5G is pivotal for the next generation of connected cars.

The already in-place network of T-Mobile is powering a revolution in connected car technology, enabling dramatic advances in vehicle safety, performance, efficiency, convenience, and entertainment.

A purple-toned digital render of self-driving connected vehicles in motion.

A reliable 5G network is essential for shaping the future of mobility in the automotive industry.

Explore how 5G will allow manufacturers to further harness connectivity and vehicle data to make real-time decisions as well as unlock new opportunities.

Creating the connectivity platform for tomorrow’s connected cars, today.

A blue-toned digital render of self-driving connected vehicles in motion.

The 5G future of mobility in the auto industry.

The high capacity and low latency of 5G will accelerate vehicle manufacturers’ mobility initiatives such as autonomous vehicles, connected digital infotainment systems, and V2X, while it will enable vehicles to operate and communicate with intelligent urban infrastructure.

Connected vehicles drive through an urban area.

Future trends in connected vehicle data monetization.

According to this IDC Market Perspective report, with the introduction of connected services, OEMs can transform their organizations into mobility and data companies and drive new sources of revenue by monetizing vehicle- and driver-related data.

Bird’s eye view of busy downtown streets, with signals, beams, and rings indicating connected cars.

How connected vehicles can help OEM’s unlock the power of data.

The connected vehicle is at the center of automakers' strategy, increasing the need for data access, according to Matt Arcaro, Senior Industry Analyst at IDC. Learn how to leverage this tech today.

A single car drives on an ocean highway. Magenta beams indicate connectivity even in rural areas.

How 5G enables the connected cars of today, and tomorrow.

The auto industry is on-pace to be the largest user of 5G. But not all 5G is created equal. See how our network leverages 5G's low, mid, and high bands which can benefit drivers and OEM's well into the future.

Resources for the automobile industry.

A woman on her smartphone in the driver’s seat of her parked connected car. Graphics represent enhanced features and data.

5G is building the road to autonomy.

5G connectivity has us headed towards Level 5 autonomy, leading to improved safety on our roadways.

Four professionals, one with a tablet in hand, examine a vehicle frame.

For autonomous cars, 5G is the fuel of the future.

The future of connected mobility and autonomous vehicles requires a fast, reliable 5G network.

Aerial shot of connected cars in a roundabout connected by colorful beams of light.

Building a C.A.S.E. with 5G.

Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric. CASE is making the future of mobility smarter, safer, more productive, and more entertaining.

Cars driving on a multi-lane city highway.

The coming explosion of connected-vehicle data.

Mobile carriers are partnering with automakers to pave the way for a future that’s big on connected-vehicle data.

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