We’re transforming wireless for government.

Having access to the top-tier wireless service means you can address the immediate needs of the present, or make plans for the future without having to compromise or settle

It’s a new era of iPhone for government.

We’ve built America’s largest 5G network for this 5G moment.

Family shot of each color of iPhone 12 Family shot of each color of iPhone 12 Family shot of each color of iPhone 12


Take your government agency further with iPhone 12 on us.

Get iPhone 12 on us when you add a line on a qualifying Government Unlimited plan.

Federal government

Advancing your wireless capabilities.
Businessman with phone Businessman with phone Businessman with phone

Federal government solutions

From providing solutions that protect critical data to giving you a simpler way to manage your fleet, our federal government solutions are designed to help support your agencies.

Veterans Affairs video
Telehealth expands Veteran access to healthcare services.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) cares for 9 million Veterans—but a third of them live far from VA health services. Telehealth is key to closing this gap.

State & local government

Modernizing the way you communicate.
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State & local government solutions

Your constituents count on you to provide the services they need. Our state and local government solutions meet these needs: wireless hotspots for connectivity, internet access for low-income families, fleet management for vehicle efficiency, and more.

Ground view of buildings
Bridging the digital divide.

Our ConnectHome housing program provides disadvantaged families with reliable internet access. See how we partnered with The Philadelphia Housing Authority to equip 4,500 low-income families with tools to connect, learn, and advance their educations or careers.


Increasing connectivity at school and home.
Child with laptop Child with laptop Child with laptop

Education solutions

Helping students and staff connect and succeed is our top priority. That’s why our education solutions aim to improve signals at schools, provide devices to eligible students for off-campus use, and more. 

Project 10Million: Working to connect every student.

Access to the internet is access to opportunity. We created Project 10Million to help solve the homework gap and help ensure EVERY student has a reliable connection.

For eligible students.

Public safety

Innovating to address citizens’ needs.
Fireman looking back Fireman looking back Fireman looking back

Public safety solutions

Addressing the needs of your citizens is a big task. Our public safety solutions are designed to enable rapid response with features like push to talk, priority calling on a reliable nationwide VoLTE network, and more.

T-Mobile Connecting Heroes

Free unlimited service for first responder agencies.

We’ve made a 10-year, up to $7.7 billion commitment to provide unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data for US state and local public law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies.

For agencies' first responder lines; eligibility verified. Video typically streams on smartphone/tablet at DVD quality (480p). See full terms

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