Increasing connectivity outside the classroom.

T-Mobile for Education can help provide the connection and access solutions from virtually everywhere.

Project 10Million

Working to connect every student.
Young boy writing in a notebook. Young boy writing in a notebook. Young boy writing in a notebook.

Providing millions of children with service, hotspots, and more.

Access to the internet is access to opportunity. We created Project 10Million to help solve the homework gap and help ensure EVERY student has a reliable connection.

Distance learning program

School goes beyond the classroom.
Boy studying at home on tablet Boy studying at home on tablet Boy studying at home on tablet

Classroom connectivity due to school closures.

With on-going concerns on how to keep educators and students connected outside of the classroom, T-Mobile for Education is committed to helping schools and school districts enable connectivity fast.

Flexible pricing and plans are available.

Plans are affordable and start as low as $10/month per line. Plus, with the government funding stimulus options, your district may be able to get more support for your school.



per line/month for unlimited high-speed data on our network.



per line/month for 2GB data on our network.

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An adult and a student looking at a laptop and smiling

Whitepaper: How the CARES Act enables distance learning.

We’re committed to helping educators close the digital divide. Learn how our education solutions and the Education CARES Act funds can help keep teachers and students connected from virtually anywhere.

Mother and daughter using tablet.

How are others addressing distance learning?

As schools continue to implement and enhance online learning solutions, T-Mobile for Education and the Learning Counsel brought together education leaders and vendors to tackle “What do we do right now?”

Education solutions

Everyone succeeds when staff and students are connected.

As your trusted wireless partner, we’re committed to providing your K-12 school district with reliable internet access, the latest devices, and innovative solutions that help create opportunities for students and transform the way educators teach.

Our tools and solutions include:

  • Fast 4G LTE data speed

    Stream and download data quickly for assignments, homework, and learning.

  • Tablets

    Go digital with assignments in class or at home.

  • Wireless HotSpots

    Create your own Wi-Fi anywhere you have T-Mobile coverage.

  • CellSpot® booster

    Strengthen your signal in the classroom.


  • Connected communities

    Provide low-income students and families with the internet access they need to succeed.

  • IT Security

    Help keep data protected on mobile devices.

  • Fleet management

    Make tracking and managing your buses and school vehicles simpler and more efficient.

Success stories

Our solutions in action.
GOAL High School video
Expanding digital access to all.

With T-Mobile HotSpots, GOAL High School students received online access to homework and class materials on the go, enabling them to connect and learn on their own time.

Two men shaking hands outside of middle school

Equipping a school district with community-wide internet access.

Find out how we partnered with the Palm Springs Unified School District to give students and faculty members internet access in schools, community hangouts, and apartment complexes.  

Couple doing homework while sitting outside

Helping students succeed outside the classroom.

Discover how our EmpowerED 2.0 program aims to narrow America’s homework gap by providing devices and data plans to students at eligible schools and districts.

“T-Mobile has offered us high speed in the areas we need it the most. We have 2,100 hotspots for our students and are working toward 4,000 total.”

Jamie Trujillo, Director of Information Technology, GOAL High School

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