Five digital trends that are transforming higher education.

New innovations are transforming the college experience. Our eBook explores the technology and connectivity solutions colleges are using to enhance classroom education, drive student engagement, and go beyond the campus to enable hybrid and distance learning. 

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“68% would take courses that combine in person and online instruction. 67% said they want increased use of digital materials and resources, even with in-person classes.”

Survey of 1,400 undergraduates, Spring 2021

Five key trends that institutions are addressing to transform themselves.

Teach and learn from anywhere

Hybrid learning is the new standard as colleges go from emergency remote teaching to online learning 

Use technology to boost student success

Instructors are more accessible through virtual office hours and students can easily collaborate online

Turbocharge learning with extended reality

Students can see how textbook theories apply to the real world by using XR technology. 

Make campuses smart, safe, and connected

Smart campus technologies protect students, monitor the environment, and deliver cost savings.

Deliver educational equity through distance learning

Online learning enables students to better balance the demands of school, work, and family. 

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VR technology takes students to unimaginable places.

VR enables students to experience concepts and theories in new ways for deeper comprehension—like seeing inside the human heart as it beats or exploring inside a volcano.

“With 5G, institutions can take advantage of new technology without the cost and disruption of rewiring campus buildings. ”

Empower student success through innovation.

The future of higher education is all about digital innovation—on campus, in the classroom and almost anywhere learning happens. Explore our solutions for student success in the T-Mobile for Education guide.

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