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We won’t raise the price of your talk, text, and data. 

You keep your anniversary date.

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Register your new T-Mobile account.

Get started by creating a T-Mobile ID to view bill information, your plan, and benefits, and set up account preferences.


Use your T-Mobile ID to join Account Hub, which allows you to manage your business accounts and devices all in one place.

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To bring T-Mobile and Sprint customers together onto the same billing platform it was necessary to update our systems. The first time you sign into the new billing platform you'll be asked to use your phone number and existing Sprint password so that you can create a T-Mobile ID. Your bill and plan stay the same. Your new T-Mobile ID is what you'll use moving forward to access your T-Mobile account.

A T-Mobile ID is similar to a username. It's a unique way to log-in to your account using either your phone number or email address.

No, our systems will recognize your current T-Mobile ID as you complete our setup flow and allow you to link your existing T-Mobile ID to your mobile number.

You may have had service with T-Mobile previously, taken advantage of an offer or currently have T-Mobile Home Internet.

Yes, if you're enrolled in Autopay, payment will be drawn from your account two days before your bill due date.

Yes, your Autopay transferred automatically and is used only for Autopay. If you had any payment methods stored in your Sprint wallet for one-time payments those will need to be re-added to your T-Mobile wallet.

Yes, you will keep the same number of Autopay discounts as you had on Sprint. However, changing plans may affect the number of discounts allowed.

Yes, you will keep the same discount you had on Sprint. It will look different on your T-Mobile bill displaying the cost of the plan less the Perks discount. You can validate this by comparing your bills on or App. 

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