Investing in communities and people to build wireless networks.

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The NextTech Diversity Program provides a mix of investment, outreach, professional training, certification & licensing, and job placement services. With industry-wide support, we will kick-start careers for hundreds of women and men of color.

The power of the program.

America’s wireless networks and customers are ready for a massive dose of 5G. There are more than 20,000 jobs for new network technicians, tower crews, and commercially licensed drivers to transport and build the needed infrastructure.

Today, women and men of color make up a small percentage of all these jobs.

The NextTech Diversity Program commits to making a significant impact in three important ways:

1. Graduating, certifying and/or training all eligible candidates in the program.
2. Guaranteed job placement services for all eligible candidates after graduating with certifications and/or a commercial driver’s license.
3. Supporting candidates for 12 months after job placement with career counseling, ranging from career development to financial management.

A network technician working on infrastructure.

Our partners

NextTech Diversity is a program that everyone in wireless can get behind. We’ve contracted with two suppliers that deliver outstanding telecom training. NextTech Diversity’s success depends on the support from companies that build America’s wireless networks. We’re looking to fill the following four pledge levels:


These are the companies making the biggest commitment: Funding a total of 40 candidates every year through 2025.


Supporting 10-39 candidates annually is amazing—and it’s even better with a commitment through 2025.



Builder is committed to funding the costs for 5-9 candidates every year through 2025. That’s a short-term investment with the power to change lives for the better.

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When a company pledges to fund the costs of 1-4 candidates each year through 2025, that’s a real commitment that will have a real impact on people’s lives.


About Learning Alliance Corporation.

With nearly $1 million in seed funding, Learning Alliance Corporation will oversee recruitment, training, certification, and job placements—and the cost of the candidates’ schooling is completely covered through NextTech. The Learning Alliance partners with small, medium, and large tower companies across the United States and are closely aligned with the Wireless Infrastructure Association’s Telecommunications Industry Registered Apprenticeship Program (TIRAP).

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About New Reflections Technical Institute.

New Reflections Technical Institute began as an entrepreneurship, business, and socialization program focused on youth in the Greater Kansas City area. Now, NRTI offers training and education, including a Commercial Driver’s License Class A training, in addition to courses like Bookkeeping & Accounting, Computer User Support, Secretaries & Administrative Assistants, Carpentry Fundamentals, and Call Center Representative.

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Learn more or become a NextTech Network Technician partner or candidate by clicking the link below.

Learn more or become a NextTech Equipment Driver partner or candidate by clicking the link below.

Making a difference through diversity.


Joyce Christanio

Sr. Program Manager, Supplier Diversity

As the leader of the NextTech program, Joyce taps into her own experiences to encourage others’ educational & career goals.

NextTech employee joyce christanio

Joining together to provide opportunities.


Mike Simpson

Senior Vice President & Chief Procurement Officer

“I want our corporate values—diversity, equity, and inclusion—reflected in the suppliers we select and the employees they hire. NextTech Diversity is one way we are encouraging opportunity for underrepresented populations in the future telecom workforce.”

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Cesar Ruiz

President & CEO

“NextTech Diversity brings heightened awareness and engagement from the wireless infrastructure industry, which will be spending billions of dollars to build out 5G networks across America.”

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Mark Byrd

President & CEO

“We pride ourselves on being a diverse and innovative institute dedicated to providing training, education, cultural enrichment and life skills support. Our partnership with T-Mobile and NextTech Diversity will create opportunities for countless numbers of diverse and commercially licensed truck drivers.”

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