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Best Samsung Phones: Navigating the Choices to Find Your Ideal Device

From flips and foldables, to budget-friendly and top-of-the-line, there’s a Samsung phone for every taste, style and price point.
A front and rear view of an Samsung Galaxy S23.

If you ask the experts, “What is the best Samsung phone out there?”, you’ll likely get a lot of different answers. That’s because finding the best phone depends on what’s important to you. Is it price? Battery life? Cameras? The latest tech? Or maybe it’s something else entirely.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite Samsung phones based on their capabilities to help you find the perfect fit.

Best Camera: Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra marks a significant leap in smartphone innovation, with enhancements that outshine its predecessors. While the S24 and S24+ offer impressive capabilities, the S24 Ultra takes the lead, especially for those who demand top-tier features in photography and performance. It comes at a higher price, but for those who need the best of what Samsung has to offer, the S24 Ultra is worth every penny. 

Key Features

  • Advanced Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform 
  • Substantial 5000 mAh Battery for Extended Usage 
  • Remarkable Cinematic 8K Video at 30fps 
  • Regardless of darkness or distance, capture clear content with Nightography and high-resolution zoom. 

What we love most

The S24 Ultra sets a new standard with its Snapdragon® 8 Gen 3 Mobile Platform, offering a noticeable improvement over the S24 and S24+. Its battery life is unmatched, making it a powerhouse for users who need their phone to last. The standout feature is undoubtedly its camera system, with a 200MP main camera that far surpasses those of the S24 and S24+ in quality, offering unparalleled photographic capabilities. Additionally, the Ultra's video functionality maintains the highest resolution available on a smartphone. For those who prioritize cutting-edge technology and are willing to invest in premium features, the S24 Ultra presents an unmatched combination of performance and innovation. 

Other considerations

When contemplating the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, it's important to weigh certain factors that could impact your experience. Its larger size and heft, while accommodating a more expansive screen and battery, might not suit those preferring a more compact device. Prospective buyers should also consider the duration of software support and updates. While its camera prowess is a major draw, users not heavily invested in photography might find the S24 or S24+ more suitable. Finally, considering the potential resale value can be important for those who frequently upgrade their phones.  

A Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 & a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 half folded with a stylist sitting in front

Best for Business: Galaxy Z Fold4

Those who are using their smartphones as a tool for staying connected to the office on the go need their devices to do so much more than offer talking and texting capabilities. The Galaxy Z Fold4 is a sleek, stylish tablet/phone hybrid that provides all the mobility of a phone with all the utility of a tablet. When closed, the device looks like a regular phone, although it is a little bit clunkier and heavier. However, it opens along a hinge to become a 6.1-inch tablet, perfect for video, taking notes with Samsung’s S Pen, and reviewing documents on the go.

Key Features

  • Flex Mode
  • Hands-free Video
  • Multi-window view
  • S Pen Compatible (Sold Separately)
  • 50-megapixel wide camera
  • 12-megapixel ultrawide
  • 10-megapixel telephoto camera with 3x optical zoom and 30x digital Space
  • 10-megapixel front-facing camera

What we love most

The foldable screen means double the real estate for reviewing documents, video, and taking notes. For added functionality, the new taskbar at the bottom of the screen is a welcome addition from previous generations. The taskbar allows users to navigate their Z Fold4 much like a PC, providing quick access to messages, email, and their favorite apps.

Other considerations

The Galaxy Z Fold4 at full price is about $1,800, making the device much more expensive than the Galaxy S23 Ultra and one of the most expensive smartphones on the market. So those who won’t be using its tablet functions on a day-to-day basis might not see much advantage to the foldable device over other Samsung flagship devices. Plus, the S Pen is sold separately for the Z Fold4, transforming one of its main selling points into an additional expense. And the visible crease along the hinge still irks some users, though this generation is an improvement on earlier models.  

Best Compact: Galaxy Z Flip4

Not everyone likes the ever-expanding screens popular in recent generations of smartphones. For those who want all the connectivity of a smartphone with all the compact portability of a flip phone, the Galaxy Z Flip4 should be a welcome change.

Fans of the Galaxy Z Flip4 love the small display screen, which offers a view of the time, date, weather, and a tiny preview of messages even when the phone is closed, much like a smartwatch. This generation offers an additional functionality—the ability to reply to text with short, pre-programmed messages without opening the phone. And when you’re ready to interact, the Z Flip4 transforms into a bigger-than-life smartphone, revealing a stunningly vivid display.

Key Features

  • Flex Mode Camera
  • Flex Mode
  • IPx8 Water Resistant
  • Pocket-ability
  • Cover Screen Notification  

What we love most

The main benefit of the Z Flip4 is the fact that you can comfortably carry it in a pocket without worrying about damaging the screen. Plus, the small cover screen displays messages without the pressure to constantly interact that comes from viewing the full display of a slab phone every time a new notification pops up.

Other considerations

The ultra-thin glass on the interior screen is prone to scratches, and the crease takes some getting used to. And while the quick responses to messages available on the cover screen are nice, there’s no way to personalize them. So those who would rather reply “omg” instead of “OMG!” are out of luck unless they open the phone.

Best Value: Galaxy S21 FE 5G

The Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition) has many of the bells and whistles of Samsung’s flagship phones at about half of the cost. For those who want a fast phone that takes good pictures (especially selfies!) but aren’t necessarily worried about perks like the S Pen or advanced night photography capabilities, this phone is functional and stylish at a great price.

Key Features

  • Triple-Lens Camera with Portrait Mode
  • 32MP Front-facing Camera
  • Smooth & Strong Display
  • 30x Space Zoom with Zoom Lock

What we love most

The main draw of the S21 FE is the price, but its camera capabilities are impressive, as well. It has a solid triple-lens camera, which includes a high-resolution 32 MP front-facing camera for amazing selfies—most competitors’ selfie cameras only feature 10MP. The front camera can also shoot 4K video. Rounding out the S21 FE’s impressive features is the long-lasting battery, which lets you share all those great photos and videos without interruption.

Other considerations

Though the S21 FE is a good phone, it’s not particularly exciting. With most of the same features found in older generation Samsung flagships, it’s great for those who like the Galaxy series and want to update their devices without paying for more advanced features. However, other mid-range phones might offer more for the money.

Best Budget: Galaxy A14 5G

The A14 is proof that a 5G phone doesn't have to cost a fortune. Its 5G performance and other great features make it one of the best phones you can buy for around $200! You’ll love the quick downloading and streaming, the vivid screen, durable design, and solid camera system.

Key Features

  • 5G Performance
  • Long-lasting Battery
  • 6.6" FHD+ LCD Display
  • Expandible Storage
  • Triple Camera System: 50MP Main & 13MP Front Facing

What we love most

The low price combined with 5G capabilities makes the A14 a big winner in our book. And as for display, the 6.6" screen with FHD+ technology is crisp, clear, and colorful. You also get up to 1TB of expandable memory, so there’s room to store all your favorite moments.

Other considerations

For the money, there are many great aspects of the phone, but it’s still not a flagship device. For those who love taking pictures, there’s no wide angle camera. While it does have a 5000mAh battery, it may not last very long when you’re using 5G connectivity or running demanding apps.

Now that you’ve read our picks for the best Samsung phones on the market right now, it’s time to consider all the pros and cons and find one that fits your lifestyle. No matter which Samsung phone you choose, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting one of the top phones on the market from a manufacturer with a proven track record. Whether it’s a budget phone that packs a lot of punch for the price, a flagship phone with all the bells and whistles, or something in between—use this comprehensive guide to find the right Samsung phone for you.

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