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With Account Takeover Protection by T-Mobile, customers get the highest level of protection to keep you safe from unauthorized ports. This free feature makes sure you are the only one who can take your numbers, stopping potential fraudsters in their tracks. 

  • The data accessed in the cyberattack that affected our postpaid customers would not allow someone to gain control of phone service through fraudulent port out or SIM swap. However, it’s always a good practice to regularly update your PIN/Passcode to help keep your account secure and prevent ongoing fraud risk to your wireless account. For more details on how to protect your account, visit our resource page.
  • For our prepaid customers who were affected by this cyberattack, we proactively reset their account PINs to a randomly generated number. We highly recommend that prepaid customers also regularly update PIN/Passcode to help keep accounts secure and prevent ongoing fraud risk to their wireless accounts.



What is Account Takeover Protection?

Account Takeover Protection is a free feature offered to T-Mobile customers. It adds additional security to your account by blocking unauthorized users from transferring your lines to another wireless carrier.

  • This service must be added to each line on your account individually.
  • For added security, the Billing Responsible Party will need to contact us to turn this feature off. 


Who can have Account Takeover Protection?

Account Takeover Protection is available to all T-Mobile for Business, T-Mobile Postpaid, and Sprint customers. Because this feature requires additional security protection, it is unavailable for T-Mobile Prepaid and Metro by T-Mobile customers. 


How can I get Account Takeover Protection?


T-Mobile for Business and Government accounts

Due to the number of lines on your account please contact us so we can help you add this feature.


T-Mobile Postpaid accounts

Although this is a free feature, your line must be registered as the Primary Account Holder or have Full Access permissions on your line to add this to your account. More details around this requirement can be found on the Set up line permissions page. To add Account Takeover Protection, click the button below to log in to the T-Mobile app or My T-Mobile. 

Add Takeover Protection


Sprint accounts

If you are a Sprint customer awaiting migration you can add this feature to your account before you migrate. You must be the Account Owner or be Account Authorized to add this feature to your account. More details around this requirement can be found on the Sprint profile access levels page.

If you are the Sprint Account Owner or an Account Authorized user Add Takeover Protection.

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