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Manage your account online and use this page to learn about what account changes are available. These permissions are for digital access only, if you’re talking with one of our experts over the phone or at a store, use the Billing Responsible Party & authorized users page for details. Log in with your T-Mobile ID to manage your online settings.


Wireless postpaid accounts (includes business with SSN)

These settings apply to Business accounts with SSN, Home Internet with a wireless line, and T-Mobile Money.

Only one line can be set as the Primary Account Holder (PAH).


  • Primary Account Holder
    • Digital account manager for all lines on the account.
    • Sets permissions for other lines on the account.
    • This profile permission is designated during the registration process.
    • Contact us to change the PAH.
  • Full Access: Can manage the account and all lines on the account.
  • Standard Access: Can see basic account information and details for your own line.
  • Restricted Access: Can see basic account information and a usage summary for their line.
  • No Access: No access to T-Mobile..
Business accounts (Account Hub)

Available roles in Account Hub. Business accounts with SSN, use the Wireless Postpaid accounts section..

  • Business Owners
    • Can access all accounts and perform all transactions.
    • Can designate permissions to different types of Account Managers (e.g., Account Maintenance Manager, Billing & Payments Manager, Order Manager).
    • Can require approval on certain Account Management and Ordering activities from End Users.
  • Account Managers 
    • Can only access and perform transactions on accounts assigned to them by the Business Owner.
    • Can require approval on certain Account Management and Ordering activities from End Users.
  • End Users Can only access and perform transactions on lines assigned to them by the Business Owner or Account Manager.

Review Account Hub profiles for steps to manage your settings.

Prepaid accounts
  • Single-line accounts are automatically registered as the Primary Account Holder when setting up a T-Mobile ID.
  • Multi-line accounts all have the same permission level when managing your lines on My T-Mobile.
Home Internet accounts
  1. First, set up a T-Mobile ID. Go to the Home Internet sign up website.
  2. Then, once registered, the Home Internet line is the default Primary Account Holder.
T-Mobile Money accounts

Use the Wireless Postpaid accounts section for details.


Check out the Manage your account options for steps to make changes to your account or services.

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