Privacy and security education

We want you to feel confident about your personal data at T-Mobile and empowered when it comes to your online safety. Here, you’ll find resources to help you understand our practices and how you can manage your privacy choices.

​Your protection

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Your privacy around the web

We don’t have control over how other companies collect and use your data, but you still have options for protecting your privacy.

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    Online safety and cybersecurity

    Find ways to protect you and your family from online fraud and identity theft.

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    Bug Bounty program

    Through the Bug Bounty program, T-Mobile provides financial incentives to security researchers who help us find cybersecurity issues so we can fix them.

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    Phone privacy

    We have policies and procedures in place to help ensure our compliance with Customer Proprietary Network Information rules adopted by the FCC.

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    Family Controls and privacy

    Learn how we handle data use and collection for children. And how you can control your kids’ data with a T-Mobile Kids' Line.

Your data

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    About personal data requests

    Find out about your right to make requests to access, delete, and correct personal information we’ve collected about you.

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    Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information

    You have the option to tell us to not sell or share your information. Here’s how that works.

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    Cookies and tracking

    Learn more about cookies, other online tools, and tracking technologies, including how they work.

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    Public and scientific research

    We sometimes work with outside research organizations who use our data for important studies. You can tell us if you want to participate.

Your ads

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Your marketing preferences

You can manage your preferences to decide how you want to receive information about T-Mobile products and services.

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    Personalized Ads and Offers

    Learn more about our ad program and what choices you can make.

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    Analytics and Reporting

    Understand how we analyze your data and use it to create reports.