The automated call system takes payments, provides usage balances, and more. You can speak a short phrase or ask for a rep. Just dial 611 from your T-Mobile phone and you're there or click 1-800-866-2453 to call!


Self-service options

You can complete the following (and more!) in the automated call system by speaking key words like those listed below:

  • EIP balance
  • Recent account events
  • Change address
  • Change billing format
  • Change mobile number
  • Check usage
  • Get billing cycle end date
  • Make payment
  • Set up payment arrangement
  • Copy of my bill
  • Set up or change AutoPay
  • Suspend or restore

If you verify and validate a one-time PIN (OTP), you can change these additional items:

  • PIN (No Credit Check/Pay in Advance accounts)
  • SIM card (Postpaid/No Credit Check accounts)
  • Billing address (Postpaid/No Credit Check accounts)

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