If your device was lost or stolen, contact us as soon as possible to lock your device and service.


Protect your account


Locate lock or replace your device

Device security

  • iOS devices, see
  • Android's Anti-theft or FamilyWhere apps may be able to track and lock down the device.
  • If you have on your device check out these How tos.
  • For Blackberry devices, see BlackBerry Protect.
  • T-Mobile can also block your IMEI to prevent your device from being used.

Replacement options

  • If you have device protection, ​to get a replacement.
  • If you do not have device protection:


Restore service

  • When you're ready to restore service give us a call at 1-800-937-8997.
  • Check your next bill and report any suspicious charges so we can investigate.
  • If the device is found, contact us for an unblock request.
  • If you believe your device is incorrectly listed as lost or stolen, contact us for assistance.
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