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You can make payments and refill your Prepaid account online or in person. This page covers all you need to know about your billing and payment options.

Balance & payments

Log into my T-Mobile to view and update your balance and payments online or in the T-Mobile app. Once logged in, you'll have the following fields: 

  • Renewal amount: The minimum amount required to have in your account or set up for autorefill on the date provided in order to continue service.
  • Available Service Balance: The balance available for refills or one-time purchases and charges from Prepaid device not included in your plan; an example would be international charges.
  • Autopay status: If you are not enrolled you will not be charged until you choose to refill your prepaid account.
  • Get payment history: Past balances and payments; details for each line on your prepaid account, redeem a refill card, manage Autopay, and change your billing settings.
  • Check activity log: History of changes made to your account; such as rate plan changes and when account information was most recently updated.

Autopay &Autorefill 

T-Mobile offers two ways to automatically withdraw the amount you specify to keep your account balance paid in full.

First time set up

  1. Log into My T-Mobile.
  2. Select Add to Balance in the AutoPay Not Enrolled section. 
  3. Select Manage Autopay.
  4. Select one of the following options:
    • AutoPay: Automatically charge the selected payment method for minimum monthly charges.
      • Choose to pay the standard monthly charges or include extra for things like downloads or international calls not included in your plan. 
      • This will withdraw the total amount every month on the same date that you can choose.
    • Autorefill: With Autorefill, you have a set amount between $10 and $150 withdrawn from your bank for your T-Mobile refill. Schedule when your payment is made:
      • Monthly: Every 30 days, recommended for monthly plan types.
      • Every two weeks: Same day every other week.
      • Weekly: Same day every week.
  5. Ensure the dates and amount due are correct before continuing.
  6. Enter payment information.
  7. Review the terms and conditions.
  8. Select Accept and continue.

Update, change, or cancel

  1. From the home page, select Autorefill.
  2. Select Manage Payment Options.
  3. Select Edit by the current card information.
  4. Enter the new card information.
  5. Select Continue to save changes.

Learn more

  • Autopay and Autorefill can be set up from your account online or by dialing *ADD from your T-Mobile device.  
  • A text will be sent to remind you of the next automatic payment date and amount.  
  • A supported bank issued credit card must be used during the set up. The follwing payment types are not supported with AutoPay or Autorefill:
    • T-Mobile Prepaid Refill cards
    • Prepaid debit/credit cards 
    • Gift cards

One time payment

  • You can use a credit, debit, or refill card to refill your prepaid account online.
    • Log in: Access your account to view balances, make a payment, or set up AutoPay/Autorefill.
    • Redeem a refill card: Enter the code of a prepurchased T-Mobile Prepaid refill card.
    • Refill now: Use a credit or debit card to refill your account balance without logging into your account.
  • Dial ​*ADD from your T-Mobile device or or call 1-877-720-5195.

Learn more

  • We'll send a free text message reminder when approaching your service renewal date.
  • If you have multiple lines on your account, any existing service balance is automatically applied to all lines on your account at the end of the service cycle, starting with the billing responsible party primary line.
  • Refills can only be purchased for active accounts.
  • All payments are applied to the entire account and can't be applied to individual lines.
  • Refill cards can be a physical card or a PIN on a receipt or email.
  • ePINs become void if not activated within 90 days of purchase (as shown on POS receipt).

Low balance alerts

  • Alerts occur when accounts have a low balance, when a refill is about to expire, or when making a call that costs more than what's available in the account.
  • Select the pound (#) key to skip the alert.
  • Messages can't be stopped from playing; they are designed to prevent calls from being disconnected due to lack of funds.

Pay as you go & Daily plans

  • Voice services are unavailable when the balance is less than the equivalent of one minute of airtime.
  • Message services are unavailable when the balance is less than $0.10.

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