Children’s Privacy Notice

Effective Date: 4/27/2021

We know it’s important to treat data you tell us is from children under 16 carefully. This Notice explains what we do (and don’t do) when it comes to children’s data.

Just looking for our general Privacy Notice? You can find that here.

What Children’s Data We Collect

We don’t knowingly collect data from or about children without the permission of their parent or guardian. When we do collect that data, we might do it directly, like when you sign up for a service. We might also collect it automatically if your child uses the products or services we offer.

Different products and services collect different kinds of data:

Kids’ Privacy Setting - Kids’ Lines

T‑Mobile is currently testing the ability for parents and guardians to designate a line as a “kids’ line.” This feature enables parents to tell us that a line on their account is used by a child under the age of 16. Data from designated kids’ lines won’t be used for advertising and we’ll opt the line out of receiving marketing communications from T‑Mobile.

This feature is currently only available to T‑Mobile customers, but we’re working hard to expand access to all customers soon. In the meantime, customers can opt-out of the use of their data for advertising at any time through their account settings. We also have applied the opt-out to Project 10 Million, discussed further below.

We collect the following data from Kids‘ lines:

  • Geolocation Data – we collect data that tells us the location of your child’s mobile device.
  • Unique Identifiers – we collect device and network identifiers – basically, ways for us to tell which mobile device on our network is your child’s.
  • Age – we collect your child’s birth month and year so that we can tell when your child turns 16 and can change the line back to a regular wireless line.
  • Customer Proprietary Network Information (“CPNI”) generated by your child’s use of our wireless voice communications services. See the CPNI article for more information.
  • Information from your child’s use of our products, services, and network (and other carriers’ networks when roaming domestically or internationally) like usage of connecting carriers and Internet service providers, the Internet Protocol (“IP”) address, text messages, and data use history, content interactions (e.g., how long you use an app), language settings, and other network and device analytics and Wi-Fi connection and usage data.
  • Device and service performance and diagnostic information – this includes reports from your child’s device about signal strength, speeds, app and service performance, dropped calls, call and data failures, geolocation information, and device data.
  • Back-up information, including data stored in back-ups and cloud services if your child’s device uploads information to T‑Mobile network servers (e.g., some devices may back-up the device’s address book, photo album, or diagnostic data).
  • Audio information, including voice commands your child provides to our apps (for example, for accessibility or hands-free use).

Read our Privacy Notice to learn more about how we collect, use, and share data from regular lines.

Project 10 Million

Project 10 Million provides families that qualify with a free Wi-Fi hotspot and 100GB of free data. We collect the following data as part of Project 10 Million:

  • Child’s first and last name.
  • Child’s Student ID – we collect this to check whether your child is eligible.
  • Data Usage – this tells us the amount of data the hotspot uses, and IP addresses associated with websites visited.
  • Unique Identifiers – we collect device and network identifiers - basically, ways for us to tell which hotspot on our network is your child’s.

How We Use Children’s Data

The main reason we collect children’s data is to provide the product or service that collected the data. But we may also use children’s data to do things like:

  • Create and administer accounts, complete transactions, payments, billing, and requests related to our products and services and third-party products and services charged to your accounts.
  • Check eligibility for a particular product or service.
  • Help stop fraudulent, malicious, deceptive, abusive, or unlawful activities.
  • Fix errors and ensure the quality, security, and safety of our products and services and network.
  • Cooperate with law enforcement and protect the rights, safety, or property of our customers, T‑Mobile and others.
  • Comply with and enforce legal and regulatory obligations and respond to government requests.
  • Enforce our policies, terms and conditions, or other agreements.
  • Defend against or pursue claims, disputes, or litigation.

When We Share Children’s Data

Sometimes we hire others to help us provide a product or service, and these service providers may need access to children’s data. They are required to keep children’s data we provide them confidential and to use it only to provide the services we requested.

We may also share children’s data with third parties, including the government, for legal processes or to protect life and safety where we believe that access, use, preservation, or disclosure of the data is reasonably necessary.

For Project 10 Million, we may also share aggregate versions of this data (meaning, data that cannot be associated with an individual child) with government agencies or schools.

Your Rights as a Parent or Guardian

Parents and guardians have rights when it comes to their children’s data:

  • To change their mind and withdraw consent to the collection of their child(ren)’s personal data.
  • To see the personal data T‑Mobile has collected about their child(ren).
  • To ask us to delete personal data T‑Mobile has collected about their child(ren).

You can take any of these steps at the T‑Mobile Privacy Center. We may need to collect some data from you to confirm you’re the parent or guardian.

Important: We need to collect your child’s data (as described above) to provide the relevant products or services. If you change your mind about giving consent or ask us to delete your child’s data, the product or service may no longer work. In some cases, the only way for us to stop your child’s data from being collected might be to cancel your child’s service.

For More Information

We’re here to help.

  • Email: privacy@T‑
  • Toll-free Customer Service Number: 1-800-T‑Mobile (1-800-937-8997) or dial 611.

If you are unable to review or access this Notice due to a disability, please call us at 1-800-937-8997 or email us at privacy@T‑ so we can share it in another format.