A Historic Day for The New T-Mobile

By Mike SievertAugust 03, 2020

We did it!  Another historic day for new T-Mobile!  

Just four months after closing our merger with Sprint… we have delivered on yet another critical milestone that will help us serve customers and bring our businesses together – in record time.  Yesterday, we unified the T-Mobile and Sprint brands to operate under the T-Mobile flagship brand – nationwide.  

Our team has been working night and day to combine our storefronts – and this is SO much more than just rebranding thousands of Sprint locations with a fresh coat of magenta paint. This is about giving customers even MORE access to our expanded retail footprint, (one of the largest in the United States) and making it even easier and more convenient for them to safely drop in, chat with a Mobile Expert, make upgrades, get the latest deals, and reap the benefits from all that new T-Mobile has to offer! It was no small feat and is a testament to incredible teamwork all around the country. Today truly marks the beginning of a new era for T-Mobile, and for our customers.

Now, as I look back on my first few months as the CEO of T-Mobile, I find myself full of energy, pride and anticipation.  We have already accomplished so much in a short time, and yet we are just setting the stage for a bright and transformative future.  I remember when we first started working on this merger (quite a few years back mind you) and we started mapping the network and business plans that we could bring to life by joining forces with Sprint.  While it took a while to make it a reality – that future is bigger and bolder than ever before.  Our team continues to push forward every day to deliver on those aspirations as the Un-carrier to bring more competition and tackle even bigger pain points on behalf of consumers.  From delivering on our first Un-carrier move as a combined company, Scam Shield (which has struck a chord with customers everywhere who are sick and tired of scams and robocalls!) to introducing an aggressive 4 for $100 offer this summer, we are continuing to drag the industry along kicking and screaming.  We’ve also accelerated our T-Mobile Connect launch and brought our Connecting Heroes service to market quickly… the New T-Mobile is already pushing forward to deliver on our commitments and we are not slowing down.  

While today we are laser focused on working to support our customers through this global pandemic and helping them stay connected as all of us navigate new ways to work, live and play – we are also building for the future.  Even as I sit here and think about the opportunities ahead of us, it’s difficult to pace myself!  We have an insatiable appetite to make our customers happy at this company, and I believe it is about time that a wireless company truly deliver both value and an amazing network experience to customers.  No more will customers have to pick between the two or decide what to sacrifice.  The new T-Mobile will deliver BOTH, and we’ll do it with an experience that makes it clear to our customers that they are our top priority and not some bottom-line statistic.  I just cannot wait!

It all starts with our people and of course our integration work – with major milestones like this one marking our way – and then it really comes to life with our 5G network that will surpass anything that anyone (yes, including Verizon) will deliver to the market for years! (Spoiler alert: we have another important network milestone coming up really soon… because Neville and his team are truly firing on all cylinders to bring 5G to even more people in more places, so stay tuned!).  Trust me, we are going to bring new and better connectivity options to everything from major metros and urban cities to small towns and rural America!

The reality is, T-Mobile simply isn’t like other companies because we are delivering on our promises and this merger has presented us with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a BETTER, not just a bigger company.  We have brought together the best of the best from BOTH T-Mobile and Sprint evolving to become a SUPERCHARGED Un-Carrier, which ultimately, enables us to  pursue our aspiration to become #1 in wireless – number one in customer choice and number one in customers’ hearts – as we work to be one of the best brands in the world at putting customers first.  

So, congratulations to our teams who have delivered on this important milestone!  I want to acknowledge the Sprint history and it’s 120-year legacy that is now part of our legacy as we launch into this new era.  I welcome our customers and potential customers to our stores across the country (and online) – because the new T-Mobile is here to serve and support you… and we will be relentless in our desire to win your business – and your loyalty!  

Thank you to the tens of thousands of crazy-talented, customer-first employees who are the driving force of our success.  Together, we will have the brand, the people and the network to fiercely compete with AT&T, Verizon and Big Cable like never before!  We are here to compete, and to win – yes, some things will simply not change (no matter how much the other guys may want them to!). 

Welcome to the New T-Mobile!

Mike Sievert