T-Mobile USA Introduces Two New Smartphones To Keep You Effortlessly Connected

February 12, 2006

New T-Mobile SDATM and T-Mobile MDATM Help You Achieve Your Perfect Work-Life Balance

Bellevue, Wash. — Feb. 13, 2006

T-Mobile USA Inc. today announced the availability of the new T-Mobile SDA, and the upcoming availability of the new T-Mobile MDA. Both smartphones feature a host of applications that offer simple solutions for organizing hectic work and personal-life schedules.

The new SDA and MDA, available exclusively from T-Mobile, are both EDGE and GPRS capable and come with integrated Wi-Fi, making it easier to stay connected with the people who matter the most to you. Stay up-to-date and in the know with consistent access to e-mail, calendar and contacts with Microsoft Outlook Mobile on the SDA. The MDA's powerful messaging options and full QWERTY keyboard ensure an even more convenient way to keep in touch via email, instant messaging and text messaging.

"In today's hectic and fast-paced world, staying connected to those who matter most is not easy," said John Clelland, Senior Vice President, Marketing, T-Mobile USA. "With the T-Mobile SDA and the T-Mobile MDA, customers can stay in touch with loved ones while keeping up with clients and colleagues."

Both phones also include a variety of multimedia features to help balance your work life with leisure time. Key features include MP3 capabilities, so you can listen to your favorite songs; a 1.3 megapixel camera for capturing still images and video clips of loved ones; as well as a removable Mini SD memory card to easily save those important memories. In addition, the T-Mobile SDA features external music shortcut keys for effortless access to your favorite songs, while the MDA's unique and stylish form factor allows customers to watch video clips in a landscape format on a vibrant, high-quality screen.*

"Microsoft Windows Mobile software gives customers up-to-date access to important business information, enabling them to confidently take action when they are away from their desk," said Suzan DelBene, Corporate Vice President, Marketing, Mobile and Embedded Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. "The SDA and MDA provide T-Mobile customers with the choice of two compelling designs both packed with important features such as wireless access to e-mail through a mobile version of Microsoft Outlook, as well as the ability to install thousands of applications for productivity or pleasure."

Pre-loaded with the Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system, the MDA and SDA provide customers with the familiar appearance of Microsoft applications and the opportunity to always be in the know with up-to-date access to e-mail, calendar and contact information.

The T-Mobile SDA and MDA recently made their public debut at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, where a select group of movie makers were able to showcase their movie trailers directly from the T-Mobile MDA. The T-Mobile SDA will be available starting today at T-Mobile retail stores and online at www.t-mobile.com; the T-Mobile MDA will be available beginning Feb. 21. For additional information, visit www.t-mobile.com.

* Additional subscription and/or usage charges may apply to certain of these features.

Lindsay Morio

T-Mobile USA Media Relations



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