T-Mobile USA Grants Customers Freedom of Choice by Declaring “All Messages are Created Equal”

July 06, 2005

Customers Get to Choose any Combination of Text, Instant, Picture or Video Messages under "Revolutionary" Pricing Plan

Bellevue, Wash. — Jul. 7, 2005

T-Mobile has the following message for all wireless consumers: Messaging should be fun; Messaging should be simple; Messaging should be easy to understand.

And that's now the case as T-Mobile USA, Inc. today announced Messaging Value Bundles, where customers can send any combination of text, instant, picture and video messages for one simple price*, by signing up for the new value bundle.

"Customers simply want to communicate with their friends and family in the most effective way possible. They shouldn't have to choose between separate text or picture messaging plans to get the best value. One plan now includes any type of message exchanged using a capable device," said Michael Gallelli, director of product management for T-Mobile USA, Inc.

Customers on a qualifying T-Mobile rate plan now can choose to send any combination of text, instant, picture or video messages by choosing any of the three easy-to-understand messaging bundle features:

-- Send and receive any combination of 400 messages for only $4.99* per month

-- Send and receive any combination of 1000 messages for only $9.99* per month

-- Send and receive unlimited messages for only $14.99* per month

"For less than $5.00* per month, a T-Mobile customer might choose to use all 400 of their messages for instant messaging with online pals," Gallelli said. "Or, the customer could use half of the messaging bundle on text and the other half on picture or video messages. Our customers get the freedom to choose for themselves each month how they want to communicate and to whom."

Additionally, it was announced today that T-Mobile customers now can send and receive picture messages to more people than ever before as T-Mobile USA, Inc. has entered into multimedia messaging service (MMS) interoperability agreements with both Cingular Wireless and Sprint. This means that T-Mobile customers can share their picture messages not only with T-Mobile customers but also with customers from these two other national wireless operators - the three carriers serve more than 90 million wireless customers in the U.S.

*Limited time offer; rates are before taxes, surcharges, per-message international roaming charges, and any other applicable fees. Messaging capable device required. Additional terms and conditions apply; please see www.t-mobile.com for details.

More information about T-Mobile's Messaging Values Bundle program is available by viewing www.t-mobile.com or by calling 1-800-t-mobile


Lindsay Morio

T-Mobile USA Media Relations



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