T-Mobile and Sierra Wireless Introduce ‘Global Ready’ Wireless PC Card

October 06, 2002

T-Mobile Customers GET MORESM Wireless Data and Voice Coverage on their Laptop or PDA with the AirCard® 750 GSM/GPRS Wireless Network Card

Bellevue, Wash. — Oct. 7, 2002

T-Mobile USA, Inc., a leading innovator in wireless voice and data solutions for the enterprise, today expands its business product portfolio with the addition of the global ready Sierra Wireless AirCard® 750. With an AirCard 750 and a laptop or PDA, customers can get information anytime with wireless connectivity up to 56 Kbps using T-Mobile’s nationwide GSM/GPRS voice and high speed data network covering more than 8,000 cities – the largest network of its kind. Today’s announcement represents the first U.S. release of Sierra Wireless’ highly anticipated AirCard 750.

Unique to the AirCard 750 is the built in capability to access voice and high-speed data networks in North America today, as well as European networks in the coming months making it the ideal solution for international business travelers. T-Mobile is introducing this new wireless PC Card in preparation for its upcoming global GPRS data roaming launch in Europe with T-Mobile International and other carrier partners. T-Mobile is in the final testing phase and plans to offer GPRS data roaming for the AirCard 750 and other T-Mobile data devices in Europe by the end of the year.

Businesses and international business travelers will find the AirCard 750 invaluable for accessing data when they’re on-the-go using T-Mobile’s global network. Mobile users no longer have to rely on their office or home PC, or frantically struggle to find connection jacks in unfamiliar locations. The AirCard 750 allows users with VPN client software to get full corporate email access, in addition to POP3 and Web email.

About the size of a credit card, the AirCard 750 is easy to set up on a laptop or PDA with an available PCMCIA slot or expansion pack. AirCard 750 users will be delighted by its high-performance and improved battery life, a result of tighter integration with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. Its implementation as a true network interface card, will appeal to the mobile professional who can now work wirelessly at speeds comparable to a land line dial-up connection.

“The AirCard 750 caters to organizations with international business needs and is a great complement to our existing line-up of integrated voice and data devices,” said Cole Brodman, senior vice president of product development for T-Mobile. “The AirCard 750 will give customers instant connectivity worldwide to their most used applications and extends their office to wherever they may travel for business or pleasure.”

The AirCard 750 is priced at $349.99 with a $50.00 rebate on qualified data plans through T-Mobile. Additionally, the company’s stand alone data plans offer 20 cents a minute voice calls that include free roaming and long distance in U.S. for professionals who prefer two devices but want to make the occasional phone call while their laptop or PDA is powered on.

“The global market for GSM/GPRS products continues to grow and Sierra is proud to be working with T-Mobile as they expand their international wireless voice and data network,” said Jason Cohenour, senior vice president, worldwide sales and marketing for Sierra Wireless. “Our new GSM/GPRS product line provides high performance, integrated data and voice solutions that carriers and customers alike have come to demand worldwide. We are happy to be partnering with T-Mobile to market solutions that allow customers to take full advantage of the AirCard 750’s features and T-Mobile’s global network. This announcement represents Sierra’s commitment to working with industry leaders such as T-Mobile to provide the best wireless products on the market today.”

Starting today, the AirCard 750 is available at T-Mobile stores nationwide, authorized T-Mobile dealers, online at www.t-mobile.com or by calling 1-888-787-3267. Additionally, the AirCard 750 is available through the company’s direct enterprise sales force and value added resellers (VARs).

Lindsay Morio

T-Mobile USA Media Relations



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