T-Mobile Launches iPhone and iPad Leasing for Businesses

September 05, 2018

Businesses can now lease Apple products with no up-front costs and lower monthly payments than purchasing, like an iPhone 8 for just $18 per month. This frees up capital and provides more freedom to invest in the business.

Businesses can get an iPhone 8 for $18 per month with the Un-carrier and financing from Apple.

You had me at Opex. T-Mobile today announced a first-of-its-kind iPhone and iPad leasing program that extends financing from Apple to businesses activating 25 or more lines with the Un-carrier. And for a limited time, T-Mobile will cover the first $100 of every device leased through the program. By leasing smartphones and tablets with no up-front cost and lower monthly payments than purchasing, customers can free up capital and have more financial flexibility to invest in and grow their businesses.

Part of our job is to make wireless simpler for business customers – from service pricing to customer care to device pricing

“Part of our job is to make wireless simpler for business customers – from service pricing to customer care to device pricing,” said Mike Katz, Executive Vice President of T-Mobile for Business. “When businesses told us they wanted more flexible financing and upgrade options for iPhones and iPads, of course we listened. We’re pleased to bring this unique and compelling offer that combines our service with financing from Apple for our business customers in the US.”

Apple offers businesses a modern way to work, with powerful, secure devices that work together seamlessly as you go throughout your day. Today’s employees demand the best tools to do their best work and virtually all Fortune 500 companies use iOS.

By leasing instead of owning, businesses are freed from device lifecycle management, carrying the entire device ownership cost and technology obsolescence risk. Instead, they pay only for their usage of the device then easily move to the latest technology. In addition, while purchasing devices outright or through an equipment installment plan (EIP) is a capital expenditure, leasing devices over 24 months through Apple can move the cost to an operating expense and help to maximize cash flow. Through the program, business customers can get an iPhone 8 for just $18 per month.

Funded through DLL Group, Apple financing offers flexible and innovative leasing options for most current iPhone and iPad models as well as future devices on America’s fastest LTE network.

To learn more about Apple Financial Services from T-Mobile, visit https://www.t-mobile.com/apple-financial-services or call 1-800-310-2863.

Subject to change. Taxes and fees additional. Qualifying business account, service & credit required. Nothing herein constitutes a commitment, on the part of Apple Financial Services, T-Mobile, or DLL Group, to enter into any transaction. This proposal (a) is subject to final credit approval and the execution and delivery of all required documentation and (b) is not a statement of all terms and conditions of any lease that may be approved. All costs and liabilities, including without limitation, for insurance, maintenance/service, and taxes, are paid by Lessee for the term of the lease.  Apple Financial Services, T-Mobile and the DLL Group are not providing accounting, tax, legal or other similar advice to Lessee. To learn more about DLL Group, visit www.dllgroup.com.

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