3 years of #Uncarrier with CEO @JohnLegere #TweetJohn

March 29, 2016

In his latest video blog, John Legere talks about the progress T-Mobile has made changing wireless for good, starting three years ago with Un-carrier 1.0 and the end of two-year service contracts. Today, 130 million Americans have been freed from service contracts. A new research report explains all the disruption T-Mobile has brought to the US wireless industry!



But there’s still so much more to do.  So, John introduces the Wireless Customer Bill of Rights and urges everyone to tag the carriers and demand they adopt it, using #TweetJohn to tell them John sent you.

Use #TweetJohn on Twitter and you’re in for a surprise through March 31 – the John Legere emoji, a gift from Twitter to John for his three years fighting for wireless customer rights!

If John’s emoji gets used more than 500,000 times by March 31, T-Mobile will write every single one of those tweets and posts outside Verizon and AT&T stores in high-traffic locations across the country – in magenta chalk, naturally.