More Is More: Maximizing Minutes with Magenta MAX

By T-Mobile StoriesSeptember 14, 2021

5G unleashes your network to give you more, and new data shows T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX plan is helping people make use of it all — with thousands more minutes of video streamed and social media posts made! Check out what more you can do with Magenta MAX.

Making every minute count. After more than a year of learning what staying apart feels like, we certainly have come to appreciate every minute we have together. Talking, sharing and connecting with our loved ones is a gift we’ll never again take for granted. (We promise, Nana!)

It’s no surprise that just six months after T-Mobile launched Magenta MAX — a plan that can’t slow you down based on how much smartphone data you use — it quickly became the Un-carrier’s most popular plan.

Magenta Max customers are streaming 39% more video, using 36% more data for social media (that's 14 more posts a day!), and their mobile hotspot data usage is double that of other T-Mobile customers.

And why is it so popular? Well, before Magenta MAX, smartphone plans were built for lower capacity 4G LTE networks — because 4G LTE was the best any wireless provider could do. But now we’re in the 5G era and T-Mobile introduced Magenta MAX, the first plan to be built specifically for what T-Mobile’s 5G can do thanks to its industry-leading coverage with Extended Range 5G and even faster speeds with Ultra Capacity 5G. It challenges the limits imposed by older technologies, and customers are loving the freedom and the benefits!

And they are great benefits. We’re talking things like Netflix (on us!), 40GB of high-speed hotspot data, activating up to 4K UH streaming, unlimited Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi and texting — as well as Scam Shield Premium protection.

Today over 50% of Magenta MAX customers use a 5G smartphone, and they are streaming 39% more video, using 36% more data for social media (that's 14 more posts a day!), and their mobile hotspot data usage is double that of other T-Mobile customers.

Magenta MAX customers on average have each watched the equivalent 2,100 more minutes of video and made 2,600 more posts on social media!

To put this in more tangible numbers, customers with Magenta MAX on average have each watched the equivalent 2,100 more minutes of video and made 2,600 more posts on social media! That’s what happens when you give customers a powerful 5G network and a plan built for 5G.

In other words, Magenta MAX is perfect for any new 5G smartphone upgrade you may be thinking of making.

“These new usage numbers make so much sense,” says Mobile Expert and 10-year T-Mobile veteran Chalice Williams, who sees customers day in and day out at her Houston store — and has a finger on the pulse of what they’re looking for. “Lately we’ve had more people actually come in and ask for the Magenta MAX plan rather than us having to inform them of all the reasons it’s packed with such great benefits for our customers.”

So, almost ready to MAX out? Here are just a few ways that Magenta MAX can supercharge your daily activities with a little extra 5G support!


Tis the season of innovation, and if you’ve been looking at your phone thinking that it might work better as a paperweight it might just be time for that device upgrade. Luckily, there are lots of great new 5G devices on the market these days, and a 5G-enabled smartphone is the way to go. That’s important because with T-Mobile’s industry-leading 5G network — America’s largest and fastest — these devices can reach their full potential. With plans like Magenta MAX, your new 5G smartphone will be operating on a network that is optimized for its unique capabilities. Work smarter, not harder, by pairing your device with a plan like Magenta MAX.

And with the launch of the latest iPhone, T-Mobile is sweetening the deal! Right now, you can get an iPhone 13 free with eligible trade-in on Magenta MAX and with T‑Mobile’s Forever Upgrade get up to $800 off your next iPhone every two years ... forever.


We’ve all been there you’re at a coffee shop, bus stop or your favorite park trying to get service with less-than-ideal public Wi-Fi. In moments like these, having a dependable hotspot is essential. With Magenta MAX, you’ll have one of the most generous hotspot plans — 40GB of high-speed hotspot data! And that means plenty of high-speed Internet on the go. No more struggle scrolling and slow loading on your connected device, your hotspot means easy connection at any time!


Got some time to kill and want to catch up with your favorite streaming addiction? Long bus ride home or stuck waiting in line? Magenta MAX’s streaming benefits let you watch from anywhere and are here to add more entertainment to your day with Netflix on Us and the ability to stream up to 4K video included.


We told you already how to avoid the “Summer of Scam” thanks to the unprecedented benefits you get from the Un-Carrier’s scam protections — and that doesn’t change with the seasons. T-Mobile’s Scam Shield Premium allows you to fine-tune your call control. That means that not only can you block all calls identified as scam from reaching you, you can even manage robocalls by type and send all those telemarketers straight to voicemail! With Scam Shield Premium — included in Magenta MAX — you don’t have to be interrupted by telemarketers, political surveys or other unwanted robocalls again!


As far as entertainment goes, watching paint dry and sitting on a long flight with no connection can feel like pretty similar activities. While we can’t do anything about the crying kids, your middle seat or that guy who snagged the last baggage spot in the overhead, we’ve got a great fix for your connection issue. One of the many benefits of Magenta MAX is unlimited Gogo in-flight Wifi and texting, a way to stay connected while you fly. You might be off the ground, but now you don’t have to be out of the loop during those long flights.


With all those thousands of extra posts to social media, it’s time to make sure that selfie game of yours is strong! Good lighting, camera position and a few tricks for editing your photos in real-time can work wonders. Check out the video below to learn from a few more of T-Mobile’s in-store Mobile Experts on how to use your phone — yes, even that brand new 5G device — to take the perfect selfies for all your social platforms!

Also, check out our newest phone plans, Go5G and Go5G Plus. The first plan where new and existing customers always get the same great device deals.

MAX: See rate plan & feature details at 5G: Capable device req'd; coverage not available in some areas. Some uses may require certain plan or feature; see Fastest Average Speeds: According to Opensignal Awards — USA: 5G User Experience Report July 2021​, based on independent analysis of average speeds from mobile measurements recorded during the period March 16 - June 13, 2021 © 2021 Opensignal Limited. Select words in this release were edited on July 6, 2023.​

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