The Magic of Sprint Magic Box!

June 06, 2017
By Günther Ottendorfer, Chief Operating Officer Technology

It’s been one month since Sprint Magic Box, the world’s first all-wireless small cell, made its debut, and the customer response is fantastic! Across the country this innovative extension of our network toolbox is making the best use of our Band 41 / 2.5 GHz spectrum and is dramatically improving data service for our customers.
Accelerating the densification of our network, the Magic Box is a small cell with unique functionalities:

  1. The Magic Box connects wirelessly to the nearest macro site of the network. No wire needed. Only power.
  2. Because of the wireless connection it is plug n’ play and typically installs within 10 minutes. It serves about 30,000 sq. ft indoors.
  3. With the outdoor section it densifies coverage and improves customer experience on the street, in nearly buildings and surrounding structures.

Sprint Magic Box is a great solution for any space – from large public venues to living rooms:

  • Mid May I had the pleasure of visiting the City Hall and officials from Kansas City, Missouri, and taking a quick tour of their Magic Box deployment inside the City Hall office tower. Because of the building’s three-feet-thick concrete walls, mobile service was weak deep inside the building. But after the city’s IT department deployed Magic Boxes with us to cover the upper 20 floors, speeds increased to 30-40 Mbps. In fact, city employees say that the data signal actually strengthens now toward the center of the building rather than disappearing! You can find a link to the KC Star article here and a video interview:


  • Last month, Sprint teamed up with American Airlines for their fourth annual “Hack Wars” event in Austin, Texas, attended by more than 700 designers, developers, business experts and technology partners.  Less than one hour into the event, the hotel Wi-Fi system displayed a lack of capacity to support the volume of data being used, so Sprint stepped in with a Magic Box. In just minutes we were up and running with more capacity, giving Sprint customers at the event a great data experience.
  • And in Livonia, Michigan, we have a Sprint engineer whose 8-year-old son has been out evangelizing and installing the Sprint Magic Box! Recognizing an opportunity to see if setting up a Magic Box is so easy that a kid can do it, our engineer recently set his son loose with a Magic Box. Not long after, the young man had increased speeds in their home from 8 Mbps to 25 Mbps. Parents of the boy’s friends began calling our engineer, telling him that they, too, are interested in improving their indoor data coverage with a plug ‘n play Magic Box!
Sprint Magic Box really is easy to use; you plug it into a wall socket and it magically creates a better experience at the cell edge by virtually eliminating hard-to-reach indoor areas. Within minutes customers see an average increase of 200 percent in download and upload speeds. The Magic Box is already making a great impact in the densification of our network, and we’re excited for more customers to benefit from this amazing new innovation.
There are a lot more use cases being deployed every day.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

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