I Wish I Could Take Uber All the Time: $20 Monthly Credit from Sprint for Uber Rides with Unlimited Premium

By Caleb Wesco, @CallMeMrSprintOctober 26, 2018

This is huge.

When I learned about the Unlimited Premium plan for customers who want it all, one item really stood out: For a limited time Sprint will give customers who sign up for Unlimited Premium up to $20 per month of Uber rides*. This in addition to Amazon Prime, Hulu Limited Commercials, TIDAL Premium, 50GB mobile hotspot…wow.

I seriously wish I could Uber everywhere. One time on a trip to Los Angeles, I actually took Uber from LAX all the way to Irvine. Seriously though, in my daily life, I do a lot of traveling around town and $20 of Uber credits per month would go a long, long way. This limited time offer really does provide a valuable benefit to Sprint customers who may travel like I do and who need to take Uber, and for those of us who just love taking Uber everywhere!

Awesome. Awesome.

* Up to $10 off 2 rides each month requested using the Uber app.