New T-Mobile: Accelerating American 5G Leadership and Supercharging Innovation

By John LegereJune 20, 2019

The New T-Mobile will have the resources to create a world-leading 5G network, and today I want to emphasize how important that is for our country and everyone in it. The stakes are high, and we need to get this right.

I’ve said a lot about how the New T-Mobile will have the resources to create a world-leading 5G network, and today I want to emphasize how important that is for our country and everyone in it. The stakes are high, and we need to get this right.

Just as 4G enabled innovators in the U.S. to create the Ubers, Lyfts, Snaps and Venmos of the world, 5G will usher in a whole new wave of innovation. And this is innovation that can come from anywhere! Who’s to say that the next groundbreaking app is going to be created in the middle of a huge city center? America is full of innovative minds. We are much more likely to lead as a country in the next industrial revolution if more people have access to the technology that allows them to innovate wherever they are located – and that is why it’s so important to deliver 5G across the entire country. There are brilliant people in every corner of the U.S. – from small towns to big cities – and we’ll only benefit from their ideas if they have access to the right tools.

Unfortunately, it is no surprise that there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding our proposed merger with Sprint, so it is important for me to make sure people really understand that the New T-Mobile will absolutely be GOOD for innovation and good for consumers. It will ensure that 5G reaches people across the entire country and that the opportunity to build on the 5G future is second to none!

The New T-Mobile will build 5G for All
Current 5G networks in the U.S. aren’t anything to write home about. That’s because they’re mostly focused on high-band millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum, which doesn’t travel far from the cell site and is blocked by things like trees, windows and doors. It’s a massively important part of 5G, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just that – a PART. We’ve been clear all along… real, game-changing 5G will require a range of spectrum – low, mid and high – and only the New T-Mobile will be able to deliver it:

  • We’ve got the high-band spectrum with mmWave, which delivers massive capacity over a very small footprint.
  • Later this year, when compatible smartphones launch, we’ll launch broad 5G on our low-band 600 MHz spectrum, providing the wide area coverage necessary to reach across America.
  • If regulators approve our merger with Sprint, we’ll have the crucial mid-band spectrum (2.5 GHz), which provides the balance of coverage and capacity that enables a seamless and meaningful 5G experience. Mid-band spectrum is key to providing an ideal mix of coverage and capacity for 5G networks, and the combination of Sprint’s mid-band and our low-band will allow New T-Mobile to use both spectrum more efficiently, increasing capacity even more.


The Other Guys don’t share our 5G vision.
If we leave it up to the Other Guys, the U.S. could very well fall behind in the 5G race. That’s because, while we’re focused on actually BUILDING 5G for All with the New T-Mobile, they’ve been locked in a meaningless race just to claim they’re “first”.

AT&T calls itself a world leader in 5G, but customers STILL can’t sign up for their 5G service. First, AT&T claimed to offer 5G on a puck, yet nobody could buy it. And now, they’re going to sell the Galaxy S10 5G to businesses and developers ONLY. If you want 5G, and you’re a typical AT&T customer, you’re outta luck… But hey, if you just want to see that 5G icon on the phone, they’ve got 5GE logo (which is essentially the same old LTE you’ve always had… don’t let them fool you)!

Verizon is focused on mmWave, and despite the well-known limitations, they added a $10 premium for customers who tap into the next-gen network. After a flood of complaints, they decided to “temporarily” credit that charge back, and in the same breath started forcing people who want 5G onto their most expensive plans.

All this AND both still refuse to publish coverage maps so their customers know where their limited 5G is. It’s clear Verizon and AT&T are trying to stick with the same old broken status quo. As the Un-carrier, we’ve done so much to fix the broken, arrogant wireless industry already – but we are not done. What the Other Guys are pulling on price, lack of transparency and outright lies about 5G – really threatens to take us a step backward in this new era. If you’re not alarmed by what they’re doing, then you’re not paying attention. The New T-Mobile will have the resources, the spectrum and the assets to drive even bigger, bolder changes for consumers all over the country.

Real 5G from New T-Mobile will be a game-changer
5G is absolutely CRUCIAL for innovation. It will enable some amazing things. I’ve talked about ways it will transform travel and leisure, improve safety in emergency situations, even help improve health and wellness … and even more things we can’t even imagine yet.

To get a better sense of the impact 5G will have, we sought out experts in different fields to share their own visions. It’s really exciting stuff, and if you have not seen it yet… take a look: 

  • Dr. Allen Pratt, executive director of the National Rural Education Association describes the ways 5G will transform education. Augmented and virtual reality will empower students to embark on “virtual field trips” around the world. Real-time translation and connectivity will help them learn about different cultures and foreign languages. 
  • Henry Claypool, Technology Policy Consultant for the American Association of People with Disabilities illustrates how 5G will usher in a new era of accessibility. By helping blind people navigate their surroundings and bridging a communication gap for deaf people, the technology will empower those with disabilities to live more independent lives.

In order for 5G to be truly transformational, these breakthroughs need to benefit more than just a few people in a few areas. And if we’re stuck with the status quo from the Other Guys, that’s what we’ll get. The same old deceptive practices, limited availability and higher prices. And by the way, speaking of prices. The New T-Mobile is committed to 5G for All that really means just that. This is not 5G for just the affluent. Consumers of all income scales will benefit from it, including those who are value conscious.

That’s why we the New T-Mobile, will create a transformational 5G network and a stronger competitor to AT&T and Verizon, shifting the Un-carrier into overdrive. As we’ve done in the past, we’ll continue fighting on behalf of consumers, driving change and eliminating pain points… And at no time has that been more important than at the dawn of the 5G era.


Important Additional Information
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