How Your Phone Can Make the Oscars More Fun

February 03, 2020

As the Academy Awards approach, here’s a look at how your device can help you make the most of Hollywood’s biggest night.

As the Academy Awards approach, here’s a look at how your device can help you make the most of Hollywood’s biggest night.



They’re almost here: the awards to end all awards — or at least to cap off awards season. The 92nd annual Academy Awards will air on Sunday, February 9 at 8 p.m. Eastern. And while there’s plenty to be excited about on Hollywood’s biggest night, your smartphone can help amp up the fun of taking in the multi-hour ceremony, whether at a viewing party or on your own.

From feverishly texting friends and family during the show, to helping you keep track of your predictions or host an interactive Oscars bash, here’s a look at how your phone can make the Academy Awards a winning night. Now, envelope please!

1. Throw a viewing party

Whether it’s sending out invites, tracking RSVPs, distributing Oscar prediction ballots or tallying up the results, your phone can help make you the Oscar host with the most! You can also mitigate the No Talking During the Show rule by encouraging your guests to jump in on a group text thread for the party, so they won’t be tempted to drown out the ceremony with commentary. (More on that in a minute.)

2. Binge all the nominated films

Want to get ahead of the Oscar night broadcast by catching up on all the Best Picture nominees? Or maybe a film’s big win will push you over the edge to watch it after the ceremony. Your phone places all the nominees and winners right at your fingertips. Here’s a handy roundup of where you can watch all 53 of the nominated films now.

3. Track your Oscar ballot

A number of entertainment media outlets have interactive Oscar ballots available on their websites or apps, all accessible via your smartphone. You can track and share your results in real time, and hopefully win your party or work pool.

4. Get in on that group text

Scarlett was robbed! Leo looks amazing! He was Mr. Rogers! Did you actually make it through The Irishman? If you’re watching the Oscars on your own, you’re never really alone with your family or friend group text going and your phone at the ready, even if they braved that party you just couldn’t bear. Just remember, you can always tap that mute button if the thread gets a little too dramatic.

5. Share your showbiz savvy

Maybe you’re 12 for 12 on your Oscar ballot and you just can’t keep it to yourself. Or perhaps you have some strong opinions about the Best Actor nominees before (or after!) the winner’s announced. Use your phone to share your thoughts on all things Oscars on your favorite social platform during the commercial breaks. The best performance on social media goes to ... you!