Asian American and Pacific Islander Month: The many pieces of a beautifully complex puzzle

By John Saw, EVP, Advanced and Emerging TechnologiesMay 20, 2022

The most vibrant nations in the world have always been the most complex.

Proof point: America.

People from just about every corner of the planet have converged here. All their beliefs, skills, knowledge and values have influenced us to create an America that innovates, leads and extends hands around the world like no other nation in history. That’s the power of our complexity, and it’s what makes us shine bright enough for the whole world to see.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) have played many roles in this American complexity for about five centuries. There are too many storylines along too many eras for any one theme or slogan to sum up or celebrate the long, rich and complicated history of Asian and Pacific Islanders in America. Think of all the achievements to celebrate, all the tragedy and sacrifice to memorialize, and all the hope and aspiration that propel us forward.

You can’t tell anything close to the true story of America without the many chapters on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, but that’s often what has happened. Too many AAPI contributions to what is American are overlooked or even hidden away, and Americans cannot fully be who we are if we hide pieces of ourselves away.

If you’re wondering what good these “appreciation” or “history” months do – that’s it. They shine a light on the things that make America the vibrant, complex, difficult and beautiful puzzle that it is.

I’m proud that T-Mobile is shining that light for employees all month with workshops, panel discussions and events. At T-Mobile, diversity fuels our Un-carrier spirit, and that spirit drives us to become champions of change for our customers. I hope everyone takes some time this month to learn about and recognize the enormous portion of America’s spirit that is AAPI people!