T-Mobile and Movius Simplify Secure, Compliant Communications for Businesses

By Callie Field, President, T-Mobile Business GroupNovember 14, 2022

It’s no secret that business communications are different these days. With an increasingly distributed workforce that’s always on the go, more and more employees are having work conversations on personal phones. While that can deliver all kinds of benefits, this trend can be a recipe for business risk. In fact, analyst firm IDC found that 41%[1] of U.S. companies say it’s a big challenge to keep corporate resources and client data secure with the rise in mobile/hybrid workers.

Regulated industries like health care, education, financial, and professional services require records of work-related phone calls and messages, making compliance a necessity. Without the right tools to keep messaging secure, employees can unknowingly break compliance standards by mishandling sensitive data, like personal health information or confidential financial materials. And, those businesses can get hit with massive fines — in fact, banks have been fined $1.8 billion this year for non-compliance with SEC and CFTC guidelines.

That’s why T-Mobile and AI solution provider Movius are working together to make this a problem of the past for businesses with T-Mobile MultiLine. MultiLine allows employees to use one smartphone for personal AND business communications in a way that meets compliance standards. It enables employees to use their personal phone to call, text and even use apps like WhatsApp on a dedicated, secure, compliant business line.

MultiLine keeps conversations safe and compliant by:

  • Creating records of calls, texts, and smartphone app messaging so businesses have an archive in the event of employee turnover or regulatory oversight
  • Automatically redacting personal client information like bank account, credit card, and social security numbers in real time so the record that is stored excludes confidential data
  • Offering integration technology with some of the most popular communication apps like WhatsApp and Salesforce so employees can communicate with customers in applications they’re comfortable with, while keeping messages and calls archived
  • Providing built-in consent capabilities so recipients can opt into messaging on their devices knowing they’re communicating in a secure environment
  • Giving IT departments easy access to analytics and policy settings to help them keep communications compliant as regulations evolve  

True to our DNA at T-Mobile, MultiLine makes protecting and streamlining communications simple. It’s also easy to scale, no matter the size of the organization. Employees can download the app and enroll in minutes. Through the app, employees communicate as usual with clients or co-workers via email, text, WhatsApp, phone calls, and more. And because they can use their own smartphones, employees can get back to business conversations right away…  and without worry.

Mobile work is here to stay, and the stakes are high for businesses to keep sensitive communications safe. We're here for businesses with partners like Movius to help them focus on what they do best while we tackle their communication pain points. And we won’t stop.

[1] IDC Infographic, sponsored by T-Mobile for Business, Understanding the Landscape of Regulatory Compliance in a Mobile World, doc #USUS49752722, November 2022