MetroPCS Takes the Fight to Sprint … Again

By John LegereJuly 05, 2016

T-Mobile has been turning this industry on its head and dominating the competition for 12 quarters in a row! We wake up every day fighting for our customers, and a massive part of our success is MetroPCS - America’s No.1 prepaid brand. MetroPCS is absolutely crushing it. We set a new record earlier this year in Q1 with our best prepaid performance ever. More than 800,000 new customers joined T-Mobile – an all-time high! As a matter of fact, T-Mobile is the only wireless company with positive growth in BOTH postpaid & prepaid for 11 quarters in a row!

But just like everything else we do – we won’t stop there! MetroPCS is turning up the heat on the competition yet again… We’re kicking off July with a one-two combo for families:

  • Get up to $60 off any smartphone when you bring your number. That means you can get one of 9 different smartphones, like the Samsung On5, for example -- for FREE (you just pay the sales tax). There’s never been a better time to make the switch.
  • Add a line to your family plan for just $25 a month. You’ll get 5GB of LTE data a month when you already have a plan with the same or more data – that’s HALF OFF the regular price.

A family of four on Sprint’s Better Choice plan (or with Boost or Cricket) can save over $180 a year with MetroPCS, and that’s before everyone in the family gets a free smartphone when you switch. And, Metro customers get A LOT MORE high-speed data than with Sprint – 20GB (5GB per line) vs only 12GB per month. No sharing! But even better, Metro customers get a bigger, faster LTE network than Sprint. Sprint’s LTE network is the nation’s slowest and smallest, while MetroPCS rides on T-Mobile’s nationwide LTE network, which covers more than 309 million Americans. Trust me when I say we are seeing a lot of Sprint customers come on over to MetroPCS!

These guys should just tap out already. Because more people than ever are gonna be hearing about MetroPCS this week. We’ve teamed up with UFC fighters Ronda Rousey, Paige VanZant, and Anthony Pettis in some kick-ass new MetroPCS spots, debuting on Fox during The Ultimate Fighter finale this Friday, July 8th.

But, you can get a sneak peek of our first spot with Ronda right now! Check it out.



Win or lose, I know these fighters won’t stop! And, I promise you this – neither will we!