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SyncUP FLEET is changing for the better.

In order to provide you with a more robust, comprehensive set of options to serve your unique business needs, T-Mobile will retire SyncUP FLEET and migrate your service to fleet management solutions from Geotab. The SyncUP FLEET service was already operated by Geotab on T-Mobile’s behalf, so nothing about your service will change apart from the branding.

What it means for you.

Your account details stay the same.

Your current plan and account details will not be affected.

You keep your current hardware.

We’ll migrate your service via a simple software update—no hardware updates needed.

You get more options.

New plans. Additional features. Added functionality. All coming soon.

You enjoy instant access.

Once migration is complete, your team can use the Geotab portal and apps right away.

Got questions?

In order to provide a more robust, comprehensive set of options to serve fleet management needs, T-Mobile for Business will be retiring SyncUP FLEET, and migrating your service to fleet management solutions from Geotab. This change will diversify our fleet management offering by partnering directly with an industry-leading telematics provider. This allows you the opportunity to select from more rate plans, and access more advanced capabilities than SyncUP FLEET including:

  • Active tracking with insight into live vehicle location
  • In-depth vehicle diagnostics with alerts when issues arise
  • Seatbelt usage and additional reporting to drive a better culture of safety

For more information on T-Mobile’s new fleet management solutions from Geotab, please visit:

T-Mobile for Business fleet management solutions have more rate plan options to manage vehicle fleets for businesses of all sizes. You’ll be able to choose to stay with the same features that were in SyncUP FLEET or choose more advanced telematics capabilities designed to optimize your fleet in a more customized fashion.

SyncUP FLEET is being discontinued, so migration is required to continue taking advantage of your current fleet management capabilities. Migration will also give you access to expanded features through the enhanced Geotab partnership.    

You will be migrated on March 20, 2021.

There are likely two applications you’ll need to download prior to migration. First, if you fleet tracks hours of service (HOS), please make sure your drivers download the Geotab Drive app. This is where your drivers will conduct their E-logging going forward. Next, if you were previously using administration features on the go, you’ll need to download the MyGeotab Fleet Management App which ultimately will replace your SyncUP FLEET App. Both applications are available in either Google Play™ or the Apple® App Store®.

Yes, your existing fleet management device will be fully compatible with the new Geotab platform. There’s no need to swap out any hardware. 

During migration, T-Mobile will transfer all the current data in your SyncUP FLEET database to a Geotab database; there is no action for you to take. Following migration and going forward, your data will live in your new Geotab database.

No, your current login credentials should continue working after migration.

No. During migration, T-Mobile will transfer all data, rules, reports, etc. within your current SyncUP FLEET database over to your new Geotab database.

During migration all data associated with your SyncUP FLEET service (including your driver, vehicle, and user data) will be transferred to Geotab. Geotab will continue to process your data in a manner consistent with how it was previously under SyncUP FLEET. 

Yes, we will transfer all your HOS compliance log data over to your new Geotab portal.

After migration, please login at because you’ll no longer be able to login at If applicable, also download the MyGeotab to access the portal on the go, and have your drivers download Geotab Drive for HOS logging.

If you can’t login following your migration, please reset your password at: If you still have issues after resetting your password, please reset your main administrator’s password at:

For questions about pricing and/or rate plans, please contact T-Mobile for Business Care at 1-855-421-5933. For questions about logging into the Geotab portal, fleet management features and functionality, or other items related to the telematics service, please contact Geotab Support at 1-800-425-8716.

For HOS, if your drivers don’t download My Geotab Drive, they won’t be able to log their hours as they do with their existing SyncUP FLEET HOS App – this will bring your company out of compliance. If you fail to download MyGeotab, you won’t be able to access the mobile version of, which may affect your team’s productivity.

Yes, after you’re migrated, you can use newly ordered and backordered fleet management devices and accessories as originally planned. 

To order new equipment, please continue to reach out to either your T-Mobile for Business account representative, or T-Mobile for Business Care at 1-800-375-1126.

After migration, we will honor all warranties in the same fashion as with SyncUP FLEET. For any warranty exchange needs, please contact Geotab Support at 1-800-425-8716.

Your pricing will remain the same and the name of the billed charges— will change from SyncUP FLEET to Geotab.

Expect to see the change upon your next bill cycle close date.

Your database migration will take place on the date referenced in the email we sent you. Your rate plan migration will occur at the beginning of your next billing cycle. 

Yes, all billing information after migration will come directly from T-Mobile for Business.

Your promo credits won’t be affected by migration and will remain the same based on the terms of your current agreement.

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