OEM prerequisites for T- Mobile Lab entry.

Original equipment manufacturers must complete a few steps prior to starting our IoT device network certification process. Use the list below as a guide for the items that you will need to complete this process. Click the "Get started" button once you are ready to begin.

To begin our IoT device network certification process, original equipment manufacturers must meet several prerequisites.

Here’s a brief overview of the steps you’ll need to take before you start.

  • Complete your PTCRB certification.

    Show compliance with PCS Type Certification Review Board requirements.

  • Submit OEM-performed functional test results.

    Your results will be reviewed and analyzed by T-Mobile.

  • Meet T-Mobile end-device criteria.

    Your test results meet or exceed T-Mobile RF OTA (TRP/TIS) performance criteria. T-Mobile RF requirements can be found here.

  • Submit compliance documentation.

    Submit device compliance documentation into the Device Center for Engineering (DICE) tool for review and acceptance by T-Mobile.

  • Support IPv4/v6 dual stack or IPv6.

    If your device only supports IPv4 currently, you must commit to a timeframe to have your device support IPv6 and get T-Mobile approval for a Maintenance Release.

  • Enter the OEM TAC into DICE via a TAC Data Card.

    If you use the same TAC as the Module, check “Device Uses Module TAC.”​ Otherwise, select +Add New and enter the TAC.

  • Ship us your lab samples.

    Lab samples must arrive at least 48 hours before their lab entry time and provide tracking details.