Introducing the Connecting Heroes Initiative.

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Free 5G access for first responder agencies.

With the new T-Mobile, we will launch a 10-year commitment—providing unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data to U.S. state and local public and non-profit law enforcement, fire, and EMS agencies. Additional information coming soon.

Eligibility criteria.

Upon the launch of this program, organizations must meet the following three criteria to participate:

1. Agency types.

You must be a state, local, or tribal government police, fire, or emergency medical service agency.

2. Active duty employees.

You must maintain active government duty employees in one of the following:

  • Police/Fire/Emergency Medical Services First Responders
  • Public Safety and Law Enforcement Command
  • Police/Fire Chiefs and Staff
  • Police/Fire Field Command
  • Police/Fire Dispatch

3. Business account.

You must establish a business account in the name of the state or local government agency.

Additional notes about this plan.

  • Volunteer inclusion.

    Inclusion of volunteers within Government First Responder rate plans will be at the discretion of the station chief or commander.

  • Special considerations.

    Exceptions may be made for stations with a predominantly auxiliary/volunteer force and non-profit first responders’ organizations.

  • Ineligible organizations.

    Private, for-profit public safety institutions will not be eligible for this program.

  • Other plan options.

    Individuals who do not qualify should check out our Magenta First Responder plan.

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By joining with Sprint, we’ll be supercharging the Un-carrier, preparing us to deliver our boldest moves yet with unprecedented connectivity and access for ALL Americans. This is 5G for Good.

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A network like no other.

In the next six years, we aim to build a transformational 5G network to reach more businesses in cities and towns across the U.S. than anyone else, covering 90% of rural Americans.

Questions about the Connecting Heroes Initiative?

What is the Connecting Heroes Initiative?

The new T-Mobile is making a 10-year commitment to provide every public and non-profit state and local law enforcement, fire and EMS first responder agency across the country the ability to get free unlimited talk, text and smartphone data. It is coming soon.

Who is eligible for this plan?

This plan will be available to public state and local and private non-profit agencies that manage Police & Sheriff, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services for cities, counties and states.

  • Eligible individuals at the above agencies include: 
    • Police: sheriff and police chiefs, command, staff, dispatch, and career auxiliary/volunteer 
    • Fire: chiefs, command, staff, dispatch career auxiliary/volunteer 
    • Emergency Medical Services 

What’s included in this plan?

This plan will include unlimited smartphone talk text and data with 1GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot with 3G speeds thereafter. 

  •  The plan will also include Mobile without Borders and video streaming at DVD quality (480p). 
  • For $15 customer can upgrade to a plan with 20GB of mobile hotspot, unlimited texting and up to 256 kbps data in 210+ countries and destinations, plus free texting & unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi with Gogo 

Will first responder organizations get 5G for free too?

Yes! The plan will include free access to T-Mobile’s 5G network!

How do I sign up my agency?

The Connecting Heroes initiative launches soon but today every public and non-profit state, county or city law enforcement, fire or EMS organization that’s interested, can get on the list via the form above. Our team will start working with you on a first come, first served basis, to make sure we’re ready to light things up as soon as we can.


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