Keeping communities connected.

Public servants need high performance solutions that will help keep their communities safe and running smoothly. Your constituents count on you, and you can count on us.


We’ve got you—and your constituents—covered.

We’ve made major network investments in rural areas, smaller cities, and the suburbs—doubling our 4G LTE coverage since 2015. And reliable coverage is just the beginning.

Our innovative solutions and tools include:

  • Network Coverage

    We cover 99% of Americans with 4G LTE.

  • Wireless hotspot data

    Have confidence that you’ll stay connected out of the office or in the field by creating your own Wi-Fi access.

  • Tablets

    Get work done on the go. Create mobile workstations to enable seamless productivity from anywhere.

  • Smartphones

    Seamlessly connect your own compatible devices or any new ones that are approved for classified use.


  • Connect Communities

    Provide your community with more opportunities by offering internet access to low-income residents.

  • IT Security

    Help protect government data—if devices lost or stolen, you can lock or wipe them with mobile device management solutions.

  • Fleet Management

    Make tracking and managing your fleet of vehicles simpler and more cost effective. 

  • 24/7 Customer Service

    Get expert support at any time and learn about new wireless solutions for your department.

It’s a new era of iPhone for government.

We’ve built America’s largest 5G network for this 5G moment.

Apple iPhone 12 in blue. Apple iPhone 12 in blue. Apple iPhone 12 in blue.


Take your government agency further with iPhone 12.

Get $400 off iPhone 12 with 5G when you add a line on a qualifying Government Unlimited plan.

Connecting communities

How we’re helping to bridge the digital divide.
Ground view of buildings
Philadelphia, PA

Our ConnectHome housing program provides disadvantaged families with reliable internet access. See how we partnered with The Philadelphia Housing Authority to equip 4,500 low-income families with tools to connect, learn, and advance their educations or careers.

Student using tablet

Bronx, NY

ConnectHome also had an impact in the Bronx, where 1 in 4 households were going without internet access. Now, with our help, thousands of students and families can take advantage of opportunities that once seemed impossible, and the community can stay connected with local directories, city services, and resources. 

“Increasing internet access across the city is not just a noble goal—it’s a necessary one. We are thrilled to find more than one way to boost access in the Bronx, and we’re thankful to our partners at T-Mobile and HUD for helping to make this happen.”

Bill de Blasio, New York City Mayor
Child writing while sitting in park Child writing while sitting in park Child writing while sitting in park

Exton, PA

The Exton Library in Chester County, PA was the first to take part in our Hotspot Lending Program, which allows patrons to “check out” hotspots and stay connected virtually anywhere—all on our wireless network. It rolled out the program with 8 hotspots, increased to 13, and has plans to expand further in the future.

Smart cities

Harnessing the power of data.

See how we’ve been using real-time data to help cities make smarter decisions, gain efficiencies, and reduce costs.

Cobb County vehicle
Cobb County, GA

The third largest county in Georgia faces the enormous challenge of keeping a fleet of 2,600 vehicles running smoothly while keeping costs in check. Switching to our fleet management solutions meant faster response times, safer drivers, and cost-saving optimizations.

How can we make an impact in your community?


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