Connecting Heroes

Free unlimited service
for first responder agencies.

With T-Mobile and Sprint joining forces, we can now deliver access to America’s largest 5G network to first responder agencies when it’s needed most. We’re changing wireless—this is 5G for good.

Our commitment

We’re pledging $7.7B over the next 10 years.

We know first responder agencies face tough budget decisions, but they shouldn’t have to decide between critical equipment and wireless services. Connecting Heroes can help.

5G for good.

5G for good.

By combining networks, T-Mobile now has more towers, more engineers, and more bandwidth than ever before—keeping first responders connected in more places than ever before.

Capable device required; coverage not available in some areas. See full terms

FREE unlimited talk, text, and data.

FREE unlimited talk, text, and data.

To show our appreciation for first responder agencies who go above and beyond during critical times, we proudly provide 5G access to every first responder who needs it.


Video typically streams on smartphone/tablet at DVD quality (480p).

Remain at the highest priority.

Remain at the highest priority.

First responders remain among the highest priority on our network, no matter how much data they need during emergencies or natural disasters.

Empowering those on the frontlines.
Keeping our first responder agencies connected.

We’re providing first responder agencies with the FREE nationwide 5G access they need, helping these frontline heroes at the most critical times.

The criteria

How to participate.

1. Agency types.

Eligible agencies include state or local police & sheriff, fire, and emergency medical services that support one of the following:

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • States
  • Districts or municipalities
  • Tribal


2. Active duty employees.

You must maintain active government duty employees in one of the following:

  • Police, fire, or emergency medical services first responders
  • Public safety or law enforcement command
  • Police, sheriff, fire, or emergency medical services
  • Police or fire chiefs and their staff
  • Police or fire field command
  • Police or fire dispatch
  • 911 call centers

3. Business account.

You must establish a business account in the name of the state or local government agency.

Additional details about this plan.

  • Volunteer inclusion.

    Inclusion of volunteers within Government First Responder rate plans will be at the discretion of the station chief or commander in consultation with T-Mobile.

  • Special considerations.

    Exceptions may be made for stations with a predominantly auxiliary/volunteer force and non-profit first responders’ organizations.


  • Ineligible organizations.

    Private, for-profit public safety institutions will not be eligible for this program.

  • Other plan options.

    Individuals who do not qualify should check out our Magenta First Responder plan.

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Our network and coverage

Keeping first responders connected.

By combining networks, first responders can stay connected with fast, nationwide coverage. 

The most reliable 5G for coverage. The most reliable 5G for coverage. The most reliable 5G for coverage.

America’s first and only nationwide 5G network.

With American’s largest 5G network and 4G LTE that covers 99% of Americans, we keep your agency connected.

Questions about Connecting Heroes?

What is Connecting Heroes?

T-Mobile is making a 10-year commitment to provide every public and non-profit state and local law enforcement, fire and EMS first responder agency across the country the ability to get free unlimited talk, text and smartphone data.

Who is eligible for this plan?

This plan will be available to public state and local agencies that manage Police & Sheriff, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services for cities, counties and states.

  • Eligible individuals at the above agencies include: 
    • Police: sheriff and police chiefs, command, staff, dispatch, and career auxiliary/volunteer 
    • Fire: chiefs, command, staff, dispatch career auxiliary/volunteer 
    • Emergency Medical Services 
    • 911 call centers

What’s included in this plan?

This plan will include unlimited smartphone talk, text, and data with 1GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot with 3G speeds thereafter. 

  •  The plan will also include Mobile without Borders and video streaming at DVD quality (480p).
  • For $15 customer can upgrade to a plan with 20GB of mobile hotspot, unlimited texting and up to 256 kbps data in 210+ countries and destinations, plus free texting & unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi with Gogo.

Will first responder organizations get 5G for free too?

Yes! The plan will include free access to T-Mobile’s 5G network!


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