Connecting students and educators wherever learning happens.

Accelerate student success with greater access and equity, 5G innovation and improved campus safety.

The Future of 5G and Education webcast.

5G is revolutionizing education. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear the latest in edtech innovation from our business and network leaders.

Hear the latest in edtech innovation.

This exclusive webcast will show how the nation’s largest and fastest 5G network can help you innovate and improve learning experiences both on and off campus. Watch on demand and see ideas for creating smarter, safer, and healthier teaching and learning environments through connectivity—all while reducing cost and complexity.

Project 10Million

Working to connect every student.

Providing millions of children with service, hotspots, and more.

Access to the internet is access to opportunity. Project 10Million continues to help close the digital divide by giving students free data, free mobile hotspots, and at-cost laptops and tablets needed for learning in classrooms and at home.

Young boy writing in a notebook. Young boy writing in a notebook. Young boy writing in a notebook. Young boy writing in a notebook.
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Education solutions

Everyone succeeds when staff and students are connected.

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Meet your ever-changing education needs with a new era of performance-based connectivity.

With 5G Advanced Network Solutions, you can revolutionize your classroom from virtually everywhere.  

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Education Internet from T-Mobile, only $45/month.

Get affordable internet service with no data caps–plus an Inseego Wavemaker™ 5G Indoor router FX2000 at no cost.

Not available in all areas; addresses ineligible for 5G may be eligible for 4G LTE or other fixed wireless options. Plus taxes and fees. Device included with new lines and 2-year agreement.  See full terms

Brilliant for your school.

Equip your teachers, staff, and faculty with iPhone 14 Pro On Us with qualifying T-Mobile for Education Unlimited Subsidy plans.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Apple iPhone 14 Pro Apple iPhone 14 Pro Apple iPhone 14 Pro

Resource management tools to connect students.

CPR3 is a convenient, 5G smart handheld device with a smart management console with mobile device management (MDM) providing internet access for connecting students to resources.

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Student doing schoolwork remotely

Sustaining student connectivity—a toolkit for K-12 educators

Access tools and resources you need, including our eBook on how to create a sustainable connectivity plan. From new communication approaches to secure ways of leveraging technology, we can help you navigate these uncertain times.

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Five digital trends that are transforming higher education.

Our eBook explores the key trends that are transforming the college experience and helping educational institutions prepare for the future of learning—from immersive technologies that engage students to IoT solutions that create healthier, safer, and smarter campuses.

Our tools and solutions include:

  • America’s largest and fastest 5G network

    Stream and download data quickly for assignments, homework, and learning.

  • Tablets

    Go digital with assignments in class or at home.

  • Wireless HotSpots

    Create your own Wi-Fi anywhere you have T-Mobile coverage.

  • CellSpot® booster

    Strengthen your signal in the classroom.


  • Connected communities

    Provide low-income students and families with the internet access they need to succeed.

  • IT security

    Help keep data protected on mobile devices.

  • Fleet management

    Make tracking and managing your buses and school vehicles simpler and more efficient.

  • Campus safety

    Help provide a safe environment with priority access in emergency situations and make buildings safer with 5G-powered IoT solutions.

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Connecting educators with unlimited plans.

For school districts and teachers, we offer affordable rate plans that include unlimited talk, text, data, and mobile hotspot connectivity on America’s largest and fastest 5G network. So they can get back to what’s important—their students.

During congestion, customers on this plan using >50GB/mo. may notice reduced speeds until next bill cycle due to data prioritization. Video typically streams on smartphone/tablet at DVD quality (480p). Capable device required for 5G; coverage not available in some areas. See full terms

Man wears virtual reality goggles and sees a magenta-colored brain in front of his hands in a science-like atmosphere.

Unlocking innovation in higher education.

Our commitment to higher education includes delivering access and equity that forges new opportunities for the workforce of the future. Empowered by 5G, we are building an infrastructure that strengthens the future of learning through connectivity and innovation.

Capable device required for 5G; coverage not available in some areas. See full terms

Success stories

Our solutions in action.


Sustaining the efficiencies of student connectivity.

Hear how T-Mobile and Austin ISD partnered during the pandemic to connect thousands of students with unlimited internet access, improving student and district success. And learn how they are leveraging the digital progress gained for the future.

Expanding digital access to all.

With T-Mobile HotSpots, GOAL High School students received online access to homework and class materials on the go, enabling them to connect and learn on their own time.

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Equipping a school district with community-wide internet access.

Find out how we partnered with the Palm Springs Unified School District to give students and faculty members internet access in schools, community hangouts, and apartment complexes.  

“T-Mobile has offered us high speed in the areas we need it the most. We have 2,100 hotspots for our students and are working toward 4,000 total.”

Jamie Trujillo, Director of Information Technology, GOAL High School

See how we can partner with your school district.


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