Helping schools and libraries get connected with E-Rate.

Helping schools and libraries get connected.

Education Rate, or E-Rate, is a federal program that helps provide schools and libraries with high-speed internet access at affordable rates.

The program

Expand fixed wireless access with e-rate.

Learn about E-Rate.

The federal E-Rate program helps schools and libraries receive funding for eligible equipment and connectivity services. Visit the USAC website to learn more.

Apply for funding.

Learn more about the application process and how to collect competitive bids, choose a provider, submit your application for review, and collect reimbursement post-approval. Get started here.

Choose T-Mobile.

Confirm T-Mobile 5G internet is available at your location. Then, to select us as your E-Rate provider, list our service provider identification number (SPIN) on your Form 471.
For U.S. locations (except Puerto Rico): 143026181
For Puerto Rico: 143029059

Enjoy incredible service.

Get America’s largest 5G network at a reduced rate and enjoy high-speed internet, state-of-the-art equipment, and a variety of device options. Delivered via 5G cellular network; speeds vary due to factors affecting cellular networks.

Fixed Wireless Internet, only $45/month before discount.

Enjoy affordable connectivity and unlimited data with fast and reliable high-speed internet designed to scale with your organization or school.

A teacher kneels to help two young students with class work on their MacBook. A teacher kneels to help two young students with class work on their MacBook. A teacher kneels to help two young students with class work on their MacBook. A teacher kneels to help two young students with class work on their MacBook.

Why T-Mobile?

Because your employees, students, and communities deserve a great experience.

Help improve educational outcomes or library services with innovative, flexible 5G internet.

Students work together in a library with a mix of pencils, paper, and a laptop computer. Students work together in a library with a mix of pencils, paper, and a laptop computer. Students work together in a library with a mix of pencils, paper, and a laptop computer. Students work together in a library with a mix of pencils, paper, and a laptop computer.

We’re here to keep you connected when it matters.

Connectivity is knowledge—and opportunity—for students, families, and communities. Our world-class team of former educators and administrators helps schools and libraries meet their unique connectivity needs and provides ongoing support.


Helpful resources on E-Rate.

Get started with E-Rate.

Find everything you need to know about E-Rate—from account set-up, to FCC forms, to other helpful resources—in this program overview.

Check out a free training.

Join USAC online to learn more about the E-Rate program and how to participate as either an applicant or service provider.

Dive deep with a webinar.

Attend a USAC-run webinar—Q&A included—and learn more about E-Rate program rules, compliance, filings, support, and more.

Take it step by step.

Learn about the program step by step with USAC’s interactive E-Rate process overview for applicants.

Go with the flow.

More of a visual learner? See your next steps in color and track your progress with this simple flowchart.

Learn the lingo.

Questions on E-Rate program terms? Learn the program from A-Z with USAC’s glossary of E-Rate terms and definitions.

Get started

Once approved, choose one of two ways to receive your E-rate reimbursement funding.

  • BEAR - Default Reimbursement Option.


    • With this option, you pay your full T-Mobile bill up front.

  • • Next, create an invoice using FCC Form 472.

  • • Once approved, you’ll be reimbursed directly by USAC for the E-Rate funded portion of your bill.

  • SPI - Service Provider Invoicing.


    • Receive your funding commitment.

  • • Complete the funding method worksheet and select "Service Provider Invoicing."

  • • You’ll receive a bill each month with the eligible federal funding already discounted.

  • • You must communicate this request to your Government Account Executive to participate.

Contact us.

Reach the E-Rate Productivity Center.

The EPC can troubleshoot reimbursement or discounting issues, and address your general inquiries.

(888) 203-8100

Questions about our E-Rate program?

To participate in E-Rate, you must be an eligible school or library. The level of funding available to any particular applicant through E-Rate is determined by USAC and is based on a coefficient of location and the percentage of the student population that qualifies to participate in the National School Lunch Program.

If you are unfamiliar with E-Rate, a good first step is to learn about E-Rate eligibility and eligible services. If you are an applicant (a school, library, district, or consortium), you can review the application process. Once you understand the process, click on the ‘Before You Begin’ link to learn about what you need to know before you file your first form.

USAC has developed some helpful handouts to help make the application process easier to understand, including an SL Process Overview for Applicants.

NOTE: If you receive equipment or service through T-Mobile's EmpowerED™ program, T-Mobile will not be able to serve as your E-Rate provider.

Please contact a T-Mobile E-Rate Regulatory Specialist at T-Mobile E-Rate Regulatory Specialists are highly trained in the Schools and Libraries (E-Rate) program and can help answer your questions.

Applicants interested in the E-Rate program can also get additional information on the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) website at

Each E-Rate Funding Year begins on July 1st and concludes on June 30th of the following year. For example, FY 2024 begins on July 1, 2024 and will end on June 30th, 2025.

The E-Rate Funding Year represents the length of time that services may be delivered for a specific funding commitment. Please visit for more information about funding commitments and applying for E-Rate services.

A Service Provider Identification Number (SPIN) is a unique nine-digit number assigned to telecommunication companies throughout the United States by the administrator of the Federal Universal Service Fund, the Universal Service Administrative Company, also known commonly as USAC. Carrier SPINs are required to be provided by applicants for E-Rate when completing their Form 471 and/or when requesting a change in carriers.

T-Mobile’s SPIN Number, for use everywhere in the United States, except the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico, is 143026181.

T-Mobile’s Puerto Rico SPIN Number, for use only in the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico, is 143029059.

If you are an E-Rate applicant ready to submit your Form 471 and you are interested in using T-Mobile as your service provider, please make sure you list T-Mobile’s appropriate SPIN Number specified above.

You’ll need to figure out what discounts and which services you qualify for. Find out more at

The Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) maintains a glossary of E-Rate terms on its website at

Take advantage of E-Rate federal funding.