Shifting to distance learning.

During these difficult times, it is more important than ever to address digital equity. To help schools as they work hard to set up online learning solutions, T-Mobile for Education and the Learning Counsel bring together education leaders and vendors to tackle “What do we do right now?”


Your education experts.

Produced in response to this unprecedented moment in time, this series of videos about online learning is a collaboration between the Learning Counsel, Dr. Kiesha Taylor from T-Mobile for Education, and additional education professionals.

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What is the Learning Counsel?

A research institute and news media hub with over 215,000 readers, the Learning Counsel helps schools that are undergoing digital transitions to understand the critical nature of technological evolution and advance their systems.

Dr. Kiesha Taylor

Meet Dr. Kiesha Taylor.

As the National Education Administrator for T-Mobile, Dr. Taylor is an enthusiastic thought leader dedicated to digital equity and working to provide all students with access to technology.

Getting started

Where should you begin?

Zero Hour Webinar

Zero hour for digital–Let’s discuss.

What's the #1 Priority right now? What are the challenges right now to create any sense of continuity for students and parents? Do we split our teachers into some building digital lessons out and some managing students remotely? Hear the answers to these questions and more.

Transitioning to online learning

How to rapidly implement a new learning model.

Virtual classroom

Becoming a blended institution.

Why is it so hard to just flip over to virtual learning instantly? Peel back the layers of "why" and what you can do right now to make it easier in the future.

CIO tips

Hear from the tech experts.

Computer screens

Pandemic scramble–CIO tips.

CIOs and the instructional tech teams are all working double overtime nationwide, mostly from home. Some of the questions many are having to answer right now include equity of access issues, getting enough content rapidly integrated, and more.

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