Changes are happening to your account.

We recently determined you are inadvertently receiving a monthly discount that is not compatible with your T-Mobile plan. This discount will be removed starting 7/10/2020. You will not be charged for any previously received discounts.

Questions about changes to your account? We’ve got answers.

The plan you are on (T-Mobile Simple Choice 4 for $100) is not eligible for the discount you are receiving. A discount was inadvertently provided to you and will be removed starting on 7/10/2020.

Your bills after 7/10/2020 will have the correct amount for your services, with the discount removed. The impact to your bill is in the text message you received from T-Mobile.

Your bill will change the next billing cycle after 7/10/2020. For example, if your billing cycle starts on the tenth of the month, your bill will change 7/10/2020. You can view your bill at

No, that’s on us! You will not need to pay back any previous discounts that you may have received.

The T-Mobile Simple Choice 4 for $100 is your current plan, and includes unlimited calling, texting and 2.5 GB of data per voice line.

We have recently discovered this issue and upon confirmation of the inadvertent discount, we are reaching out to you.

The base price of your plan remains the same and is not increasing. We are removing a discount that you have been inadvertently getting.

As a token of appreciation of you being a loyal T-Mobile customer, we would like to offer you a complimentary data upgrade to this plan to 3.0 GB of 4G LTE data per voice line. To get this data upgrade, please call Customer Care (dial 611 from your mobile phone).

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