Keep your family connected with unlimited everything for only $100 

What does T-Mobile have that AT&T doesn’t? 

  • Four smartphone lines with unlimited talk, text, and data while on our network.
  • Additional lines for only $10/month per line, up to 10 lines.
  • No annual service contracts. 

Get the new Samsung Galaxy Note® 4 for your 4!

The Next Big Thing is Here™ for your family. Finally stretch your selfies to fit the whole family, with a 5.7” Quad HD Super AMOLED ® display and 3.7MP front-facing camera. Plus, conquer your to-do list with the pen-to-paper feel of a new S Pen™.

Our Simple Choice Plan includes all of these features—at no extra charge!

Stream all the music you want from top music services on our blazing-fast nationwide 4G LTE network without burning data—just for being a Simple Choice customer.
With Simple Choice, get unlimited data and texts and flat-rate calls for just 20 cents a minute from 120+ countries and destinations. Plus, you can text from the U.S. to virtually anywhere*–all at no extra charge!
We designed our network for data. Our cell sites are built closer together for a more densely packed network. So with T-Mobile, you get a nationwide network that has more capacity than any other major national carrier.

Family trapped in a contract? Break them free and we’ll pay your Early Termination Fees. 

Trade in your phones at T-Mobile, and we’ll not only give you the most value for your old phones compared to other major national carriers, but we’ll also pay your family’s Early Termination Fees (ETF) with a Visa® Prepaid card—and never make you sign another annual service contract:

  • Get a trade in credit based on the market value for your eligible device.
  • Get up to $350 per line based on the Early Termination Fees (ETFs) on your carrier’s final bill
It’s an amazing deal. We call it Contract Freedom™.

Up to 10 lines. Eligible device trade-in, device purchase, qualifying plan and port-in required.  

T-Mobile has the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network.

The fastest nationwide 4G LTE network now reaches over 230 million people, faster than ever before. Now you can download, stream, and browse with our fastest experience ever. And you don’t have to sign a restrictive annual service contract to get it.