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Learn more about Netflix on Us with T-Mobile.  

Netflix support  

Check out the Netflix Help Center or contact Netflix if you need help with:   

  • Changing your method of payment if you no longer receive your Netflix subscription through T-Mobile.
  • Netflix title inquiries, DVD support, and account management, including sign-in issues or credit card billing questions.  
  • Streaming issues when off of the T-Mobile network.  
  • Troubleshooting and using the Netflix app or website. 
  • You can log into your Netflix account via the site or Netflix App to upgrade or downgrade your subscription. Changes made via Netflix will take effect immediately and you will receive a text confirmation from T-Mobile and an email from Netflix.  


Redeem or check activation status  

Netflix streaming subscription requires redemption, a new or existing active Netflix account, and a compatible streaming device or app before it can be used.    

  • You can use your existing Netflix account when activating Netflix on Us.
    • If you have an existing Netflix account, log out of the Netflix app or website on your device.
    • If you don't have an existing Netflix account, you can create one when redeeming Netflix on Us. 
  • You'll need to be the Primary Account Holder on to redeem. 
  • Limit of one Netflix streaming subscription per account. 

How to redeem or check activation status 

T-Mobile app or My T-Mobile

  1. Log in to the T-Mobile app or My T-Mobile  
    • T-Mobile App: 
      1. Click Accounts at the top.  
      2. Tap Add-ons on any of the lines on the account.
      3. Scroll down and select Manage Data & Add-Ons.  
    • My T-Mobile: Click Manage Add-Ons in the I want to... section of the home page.
  2. Scroll down to Services .
  3. Choose a Netflix service and select Continue.  
    • Select Change activation status to review the activation status of available services with your T-Mobile service, including Netflix on Us. 
    • You can Manage Netflix if a plan is already selected under services. 
  4. Read the notification and click Agree to continue.  
  5. Review the summary and click Agree & Submit. 
  6. Select Go to Netflix. will open  
  7. Enter your Netflix account email address into the field that appears and click Continue.  
    • Double-check your log-in information, especially if it auto-populates, to make sure the correct Netflix account is linked to your T-Mobile account.  
    • You can use “Forgot Email” if needed.   
    • If you don't have a Netflix account, enter the email address you want to use for Netflix into the email address field and click Continue and create a password to use for your Netflix login.  
  8. Enter your Netflix password and click Continue.  
  9. Confirm the Netflix plan you want and click Continue.  
  10. Confirm plan details. Click Start Watching.   

T-Mobile  assisted  

Contact us to assist you with redeeming Netflix on Us. During this assisted redemption process, we will send a Redemption text message once Netflix on Us has been added to your account.  

Redemption text message   

  1. Open the link in the text message and log in using your T-Mobile ID and password.  The link will open the app if installed or the browser if the app is not installed.   
  2. Select the Go to Netflix button when the “You’re almost done” page loads. You will be taken to to complete the process. 
  3. Enter your Netflix account email address and click Continue.  
    • You can use Forgot email if needed.
    • If you don't have a Netflix account, enter the email address you want to use for Netflix into the email address field and click Continue. You'll be prompted to create a password that you'll use for your Netflix login.  
  4. Enter your password and select Continue. 
  5. Confirm the Netflix plan you want and select Continue. 
  6. Confirm plan details and select Start Watching. 

Issues redeeming Netflix on Us

Missing Netflix on Us in account

  1. Check your activation status or add service. 
  2. Clear your cache, cookies, and history on your browser. 
  3. Attempt to redeem again and see below if you are still not seeing Netflix on Us in your T-Mobile account.  

Why am I having this problem?

  • You do not have permissions to redeem Netflix on Us. Only the Primary Account Holder may redeem Netflix on Us. 
  • Your rate plan does not include Netflix on Us. Not all plans are eligible for Netflix on Us. Examples: 
    • Any tax excluded plan 
    • Discounted ONE Voice for Puerto Rico 
    • Mobile Internet plans (including DIGITS, LineLink, and Wearable) 
    • No Credit Check 
    • Prepaid 
    • Magenta single line plans 
    • T-Mobile Essentials 
    • ONE All-In Promo (two lines for $100/$110 tax inclusive) 
    • ONE single line plans  
    • ONE Unlimited 55+  

Error: “In order to enjoy your offer, create a new streaming account with a different email address than the one used for your existing Netflix DVD account. Otherwise, continue to Netflix without accepting this offer.”  

  • This means that the account you are trying to redeem has both a DVD and Streaming plan. 
  • If you have a Netflix DVD subscription and you want to keep it:
    • You'll need to set up a new streaming membership under a different email address when opting into Netflix on Us. You'll then have two Netflix accounts: one billed directly through Netflix and the Netflix on Us streaming account through T-Mobile. 
    • This way you will have your streaming membership through T-Mobile, and you will continue to be billed for your DVD service through Netflix. 
    • If your DVD subscription also includes a streaming subscription, you may cancel the streaming option at any time with Netflix.


Add, change, upgrade, or remove Netflix on Us 

  1. Log in to 
  2. Select Manage Add-Ons under the header I Want to... 
  3. The Netflix on Us feature selected is your current subscription plan. 
  4. Select the toggle arrow to review plan details. 
  5. You can also upgrade, remove, or change your Netflix subscription plan on this page by selecting or unselecting any available Netflix feature and selecting Continue to Add or Change a service.  

Canceling Netflix on Us  

  • If you cancel your T-Mobile account, you will immediately lose your Netflix benefit. T-Mobile will no longer be your Netflix method of payment.
    • If your Netflix account does not have a valid payment method on file, your account will go on hold. 
    • To continue streaming, sign in to your Netflix Account page and add a new payment method. 
    • Contact us to remove the Netflix on Us feature from your account. 
  • If Netflix is billing you directly, contact Netflix if you wish to cancel your streaming account and determine if there have been potential charges applied to any previous method of payment you may have had on file with Netflix. 


T-Mobile acts as the method of payment for your Netflix subscription each month after you opt in to Netflix on Us.   

  • For existing Netflix customers, it may take one to two Netflix billing cycles for your Netflix billing to transfer to T-Mobile. 
  • You can upgrade from the Netflix on Us subscription included in your plan and will be responsible for paying an upgrade charge through your T-Mobile bill.
    • You can upgrade or downgrade your Netflix plan at any time. 
    • T-Mobile will become the method of payment for your Netflix account after adding this feature and completing the redemption process. 
    • All non-billing account changes can be made by logging into your Netflix account. 
    • If you remove the Netflix subscription plan from your T-Mobile account, T-Mobile will immediately stop being your Netflix method of payment. You will need to add an alternative method of payment. 
  • Description on the bill will say Netflix Discount and will show the charge for the subscription, along with the discount amount. 
  • For ONE and ONE Plus customers, the Netflix subscription comes with free Family Allowances.   

Netflix method of payment stuck on iTunes billing issue  

If you redeem Netflix on Us with a Netflix account that is currently paid for through iTunes, you may continue to be charged by iTunes after redemption.  

  • You must  also cancel your account renewal through Apple.  
  • Instructions for canceling Netflix renewal through Apple can be found on the Netflix Help Center. 


Network & app issues  

T-Mobile/Netflix support index
Issue  T-Mobile support Contact Netflix

How are you connected to the internet?  

See Internet and data issues if you are using:   

  • T-Mobile network 
  • T-Mobile roaming partner 
  • Wi-Fi 
  • Other network

Netflix app issues  

See app freezes, crash, or force close if the Netflix app:  

  • Runs slow, crashes, freezes, shows blank screens 
  • Shows error messages 
  • Isn't updating 
  • Won't load 

All other app issues  

When does the problem happen?   

 For all movies or TV shows, activate HD video streaming.  

One specific movie or TV show  

Blank screen when attempting to stream?  

No support   


Issue with Netflix specific app such as downloads or parental controls  

No support   



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