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If you're the person named as responsible for paying your T-Mobile bill as the account holder, you are the Billing Responsible Party, also known as BRP. As the BRP, you can assign authorized users on the account. Prepaid accounts visit Self-service options for Prepaid

Who is the Billing Responsible Party (BRP)?

The BRP's signature is included on the service agreement and they're financially responsible for the account. An account can only have one BRP, and they must be at least 18 years old (at least 21 in Puerto Rico).


Only the BRP, and authorized users on Business & Government accounts, can do the following:

  • Account type conversion requests
  • Add or remove authorized users
  • Change the bill cycle
  • Update the billing name
  • Cancel or resume canceled lines
  • Change of responsibility requests
  • New device purchase or upgrades using EIP within the first seven days of the account being activated. Learn more about device payment plans.
  • Manage the PIN/Passcode
  • Add or update the Primary Account Holder (PAH):

What is an authorized user?

Authorized users can make changes to an account that could cause charges to your bill without prior permission of the BRP. Only the BRP, and authorized users on Business & Government accounts, can add or remove authorized users. They must  be at least 18 years old or at least 21 in Puerto Rico.


Authorized users can do the following:

  • Change the rate plan which could result in the loss of a retired plan and increase your monthly payment
  • Add or remove services or features
  • Receive notices and disclosures on behalf of the BRP
  • Purchase devices for use with T-Mobile service, including on an EIP after the initial seven days of the account being activated. Learn more about device payment plans.

Business & Government accounts

  • On Business & Government accounts, authorized users function as the BRP and have full BRP rights.
  • Business account BRPs are financially responsible for the account and their name appears on the invoice's first line and on Letter of Fiscal Responsibility for Puerto Rico accounts.
  • Government account BRPs belong to local, state, or federal government. Invoices are sent to the agency for airtime used for government purposes.

Adding or removing authorized users

If you're the BRP and you'd like to add or remove authorized users on the account, contact us. For Business & Government accounts, either the BRP or an authorized user can contact us.

At T-Mobile, account security is a priority. When you call us, we'll need to:

  • Send a one-time PIN to your device to verify that you're the BRP.
  • Verify the following information:

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