Account verification

Customer/authorized-user verification

As a T-Mobile customer, you have a right, and T-Mobile has a duty, to protect the confidentiality of your account information. We take this obligation seriously and do everything possible to ensure that your account information is not shared with others without your consent. Specifically, we have implemented various policies and measures to ensure that our interactions are with you or those you authorize to interact with us on your behalf – and not with others pretending to be you or claiming a right to access your information. These procedures vary based upon the many ways you may contact us. But all are designed to balance your privacy interests with your need for legitimate access to your account information.


When you call us

When you call T-Mobile, you will generally be asked to verify certain personal information to establish your identity as our customer or someone our customer has authorized to act on their behalf. If you have requested the use of a customer care password on your account, you will be asked to verify that password. To establish such a password, we will initially send a one-time, randomly-generated PIN to you by SMS text and require you to respond by providing the PIN to our representative.

Unless we can verify the caller’s identity through these methods, our policy is not to release any account specific information over the phone. We can, however, provide generic help (e.g., troubleshooting or information about our product and service offerings) without verification. With the exception of T-Mobile Puerto Rico, T-Mobile’s policy is generally not to disclose call detail information (i.e., specific information about the calls you’ve made or received) over the telephone in response to customer-initiated telephone contacts, even if the account has otherwise been verified. If you provide the specifics of a call, however, our representatives are free to discuss the call record with you.


When you visit our retail locations

When you visit a T-Mobile retail location, you will generally be required to present a valid government-issued photo ID matching the customer’s account information (or that of an authorized user on the account). This verification method is mandated by the FCC for access to most account information, and is designed to protect your privacy. Once again, we can provide non-account-specific information (e.g., troubleshooting or information about our product and service offerings) without account verification. But, with the exception of pre-paid accounts – which utilize a PIN for authentication – photo-identification is required for all other account access in our stores.


When you visit us online

T-Mobile is dedicated to providing a robust and easy-to-use online experience at Each user of a T-Mobile phone number is permitted to create an online account – initially established through use of a randomly-generated PIN delivered to phone by SMS text message. After the online account is initially established, the user will be required to create a password for future access. The Primary Account Holder – the customer who is financially responsible for the account – can designate greater or lesser online account access for other users on the account by setting preferences on the account.


When you access account information directly from your mobile device

T-Mobile is also dedicated to providing our customers easy account access through their mobile device(s). The verification procedures we utilize in these instances vary, depending on numerous factors. But in many cases, the authentication can occur within the network without further input from the customer.

If you have a question about our account verification requirements, you may contact us by dialing 611 from your T-Mobile phone or 1-800-937-8997 from any phone, or you may contact our privacy office by sending an e-mail to


Port-Out Fraud Protection

Port-out fraud occurs when an unauthorized person is able to port your phone number to a new carrier. Once the port-out is complete, the unauthorized person can receive your calls and texts (including those that are used by other businesses for security purposes).

Port Validation is a standard security feature applied to all T-Mobile accounts through the use of a PIN/passcode. Should you choose to change carriers and port-out your phone number, this PIN/passcode is your secure key to do so. But without this PIN/passcode, an unauthorized third-party cannot complete the port-out process with the other carrier. If you wish to update your PIN/passcode, log into your account or have the Billing Responsible Party (BRP) call T-Mobile Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997.